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Murano – Linea Arianna: A Honeybee Garden – Judi Harvest

 Photograph courtesy Judi Harvest

Murano – Linea Arianna:  A Honeybee Garden – Judi Harvest. In the garden of the glass works, Linea Arianna in Sacca Serenella on the island of Murano, American artist, and environmental beekeeper Judi Harvest, has established a Honeybee Garden as part of her permanent site-specific installation, Denatured: Honeybees + Murano. She is committed to raising awareness of both the global environmental threat to honeybees and the local threat to the artistic heritage that is represented by the closing of glass factories in Murano. 
Above.  The Honeybee Garden, planted two years ago, took six boatloads of soil, one hundred carpets of sod, five hundred flowering plants, thirty fruit trees  and a one hundred year old Pomegranate tree, now in  full bloom, the flowers, birds, butterflies and honeybees have all settled in to this former abandoned field. This is a very good sign, as the honeybee colonies not only doubled in size but also the morale and the business of the factory improved.

  Photograph courtesy Judi Harvest

A Honeybee Garden – Judi Harvest.  The colors of the four beehives were inspired by the colors of the houses on the nearby island of Burano. Honeybees recognize their home by color (and by the scent of their queen).  On the lawn using an elegant Murano hand-blown plate, Judi has created a water pool for the bees. "Widely regarded as one of the most intelligent insects on the planet, bees can use their mathematical prowess to communicate the exact location of nearby food to their hivemates via a technique called the Waggle Dance, discovered by Karl Von Frisch in 1943.  The honeybee is the only insect that communicates by dancing.

 Judi Harvest: Denatured: Honeybees + Murano. Next to the Honeybee Garden an exhibition room with Judi Harvest’s honeybee artworks, which are hand-blown on site in the Linea Arianna  glass factory. Below classic Murano chandeliers on the shelf some of the one hundred Honeybee Vessels.


  Judi Harvest: Denatured: Honeybees + Murano.  Judi in front of her painting called Swarm, 2008, oil paint, resin and copper dust on linen.  The New York-based artist has worked and exhibited in Venice since 1987. She studied painting at the New York Studio School and began working with master glassmaker Giorgio Giuman at the Linea Arianna glass factory in Murano  since 1988. Along with exhibitions of her paintings and glass sculptures in Venice, she has created three glass-based public artworks in the city. One of which, Venetian Satellite, 2006, is currently on view in New York in the lobby of the West Chelsea Arts Building.

Judi Harvest: Denatured: Honeybees + Murano.  Hand blown sculptures:  Alveare d’Oro – Fico Scuro – Gigante – Alveare Scuro

Judi Harvest: Denatured: Honeybees + Murano.  “Artist” Miele Di Murano, honey made in the Honeybee Garden, numbered and signed by the artist sits besides a hand-blown glass sculpture of a bee.

Honey Vessels – 2013 - Murano glass and wire

Photograph courtesy Judi Harvest

 Linea Arianna Glass Factory.    In the furnace of the Linea Arianna glass factory owner, Giorgio Giuman and his sons, master glass blowers Marco and Michele with Judi Harvest.

 Photograph courtesy Judi Harvest

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