Monday, December 01, 2014

Venice: Palazzo Loredan - The Bowls of Toots Zynsky exhibition

Venice: Palazzo Loredan - The Bowls of Toots Zynsky exhibition.  In the suggestive setting of Palazzo Loredan, until December 8th, the beautiful exhibition, The Bowls of Toots Zynsky, a project by Caterina Tognon, Venezia.
"My current technique, which I named Filet-de-Verre, has evolved from more than thirty years of utilizing all other known methods of glass forming (including glass blowing, Pate-de-Verre, fusing, slumping, casting, etc.)
 Filet-de-Verre involves first pulling (by special machine) large quantities of glass thread from larger colored Italian glass cane from Murano. This then becomes my raw material.” Writes glass artist Toots Zynsky, in occasion of her 2001 catalogue which accompanied the traveling exhibition at the Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Denmark and the Museo Correr, Italy.  

"My pieces consist of many layers of threads laid out flat on a heat resistant ceramic fiberboard. Laying out each piece is a similar thought process to making a drawing or a painting. When I feel that the piece is complete, it
 goes in the kiln for fusing. 
  As soon as it is thoroughly fused, I begin immediately transferring it to a series of preheated molds giving it a basic deep round form. Constantly taking it in and out of the kiln to reheat it, I then begin free forming it by
 squeezing and pulling. Sometimes briefly laying it upside down over a simple cylinder to allow it to drape down giving it more natural flowing curves following the folding I have already predetermined at the edges. 
Then like any hot glass it needs to cool down slowly - for up to two days. The pieces are basically finished in the kiln. When they come out – hopefully intact - they are brushed and washed and touched up with diamond files and …Voila." Concludes Zynsky.

Palazzo Loredan - The Bowls of Toots Zynsky

Palazzo Loredan. The Palazzo Loredan in Campo Santo Stefano, now houses the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, which is an academy whose aim is "to increase, promote and safeguard the sciences, literature and the arts".
Above. The entrance hall to Palazzo Loredan hosts the Panteon Veneto, a collection of marble busts and medallions depicting “men who, in ancient times, had distinguished themselves in politics, the use of weapons, navigation, science, humanities and arts who were born or who had long lived in the Venetian Provinces.

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