Monday, May 05, 2014

Milan: Furniture Fair – Via Maroncelli and beyond: Vincenzo De Cortiis – Toogood - Dzek - SLS – Tortatelier

Progetto Domestico by Vincenzo De Cotiis –– Pendant lamp in silver plated glass.

Progetto Domestico by Vincenzo De Cotiis – Table in fiberglass and silver-plated glass.

Toogood  - Industrial relations, Faye and Erica Toogood have built a new collection of nine coats inspired by workers. 

Faye Toogood – Roly Poly Assemblage No. 4. Each piece features the Assemblage collection’s characteristic interplay of geometric elements, with reassuring plumpness.  Color scheme tones of soft cream or nicotine-stained hues.  The Play hand-woven tapestry explores the collections geometric theme and hand-woven yarn throws in soft milky shades.  All pieces are entirely designed and manufactured in Britain.

Faye Toogood – Detail of Play/Tapestry 2014  – worsted wool, linen, cotton warp and wool weft. Erica Toogood.

Dzek - Dzek’s director Brent Dzekciorius with Marmoreal designed by Max Lamb.  Dzek specializes in high specification architectural materials and initiates materials-based design collections that address the limitations of industry and craft through their symbiosis.

Dzek – Designer Max Lamb.  Lamb’s Marmoreal is a high specification architectural material for use in a wide spectrum of interior applications. The graphic and immersive visual qualities of this new engineered marble have also been harnessed by him in his series of six furnishings, like this table, developed to illustrate the material’s capabilities beyond the typical two-dimensional expressions common to architectural surfaces.

S.L.S. Shopping Lifts Spirits – director, Cristina Molinari. SLS, is a fashion boutique, dedicated to 
Shopping Therapy.  Chicco Margaroli's hand-painted creations are inspired Pop culture. 
 Each shoe is unique, the right is different from the left one.
Seen in SLS - Via Maroncelli’s president Paola Colombari and jewelry designer Maria Grazia Rosin.


Tortatelier – ready to wear cakes - Tord Boonjte inspired paper cupcake holders.

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