Sunday, January 19, 2014

Milano: Antonio Marras Men’s F/W 2014/15 Collection

Milano: Antonio Marras Men’s F/W 2014/15 Collection. Antonio Marras Menswear 2014/15 collection was a tribute to his father and entitled, I had a father, I am a father.  “My father, like me, was Sardinian from Alghero, an outpost of Sardinia right in front of Spain.  He used to have a fabric store, fabrics meant for every occasion. I’ve always poked around in my father’s shop, played with combinations of colors and materials, observed attentively the skirts and shawls of those silent and determined women who came to Alghero from the country to buy good clothes for special occasions and for work, stuff that would last for decades, wear-resistant and weatherproof.”


 Backstage: Antonio Marras. “In the long and deep workshop, the fabrics were carefully rolled on wooden shelves. For every person there was a fabric, just waiting for the right time to be chosen, to be sewn and take shape and life.” …wool combined with melange jersey, necktie printed micro-canvas wool, canvas micro cashmere print wool, liberty printed poplin…
Patrizia Marras with her goddaughter Francesca

Backstage: Antonio Marras – Make-up. The make-up was designed by Michele Magnani for M.A.C. “Translucent with important eyebrows, and strong, like the Marras collection.”

Backstage: Antonio Marras – Hair.  The hair was designed by Cesare Rigo using L’Oreal Professional products. “1970s inspired, by Antonio’s father, a bit rockabilly a bit Elvis, I used gel and lacquer to achieve the look.”

Backstage Marras. A well-deserved nap.  

Backstage: Antonio Marras – T shits. Designed by Antonio Marras together with Stefano Bartezaghi the T-shirts will benefit the floods in Sardinia

Daniela Sardo and Pierivo

Antonio Marras Men’s F/W 2014/15 Collection. The old and next generation of tailors perform to 13_6OO_HZ_concert for sewing machines a project by Sara Conforti.

Antonio Marras Men’s F/W 2014/15 Collection.  Jo Squillo transmits her TV Moda program sitting next to the "next generation” of tailors, who performed 13_6OO_HZ_concert for sewing machines.

 Director of fashion movies Silvia Morani
Antonio Marras 2014/15 Menswear collection

Seen at Marras. Rolling Stone magazine’s editor in chief Michele Lupi.


Seen at Marras. Filippa Lagerback and Manos Samartzis.

Seen at Marras.  Eleonora Carisi, Candela Novembre and Giuseppe Damato.

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