Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Venice: Palazzo Zenobio – Maxim Kantor – Atlantis exhibition

Venice:  Palazzo Zenobio – Maxim Kantor – Atlantis exhibition.  At Palazzo Zenobio, New York Gallery Barry Friedman Ltd presented the exhibition Atlantis, paintings, tapestries, and etchings by the contemporary Russian artist Maxim Kantor, on until September 10. The exhibition is curated by Alexander Borovsky and Cristina Barbano. Maxim Kantor is one of the most critically acclaimed Russian-born artists. His position in contemporary art is unusual. He is recognized by the art world not only as a painter, but also as a professional writer, essayist and social commentator of an openly philosophical nature. The exhibition is devoted to current and possible future crises of our world civilization. The artist connects today’s crisis with Plato’s story of the sinking of Atlantis, and the matrix of traditional anxieties of Western civilization.  These critical reflections on the fate of Western civilization that usually accompany a moment of crisis are not only found in books but also in the work of Kantor.
Above: I can’t love the Motherland on my knees – 2013 – lithograph on fabric.

Barry Friedman and Maxim Kantor

Maxim Kantor – Atlantis exhibition. Self Portrait – 2011/2012 – oil on canvas.

Maxim Kantor – Atlantis exhibition. Tower of Babel – 2005 – oil on canvas.

Maxim Kantor – Atlantis exhibition. Atlantis III – 2013 – lithograph on fabric.


Maxim Kantor – Atlantis exhibition. As Kantor writes, “The Ocean of Time has swallowed the ambitions of many empires. Babylon and Egypt, the Mongol and Ottoman Empires, and the Soviet Union have all sunk to the sea floor of history.” The artist thinks that the current state of Western society corresponds to a historical low tide, after which a large and menacing tide will inevitably follow. The metaphor of the sea dominates in the exhibition. It conveys the movement of time through the painting; for the artist, the sea is a representation of time that exists according to its own laws.
Above. Ocean – 2010 – oil on canvas.
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