Sunday, June 30, 2013

Venice 2013 - Arsenale: 55th International Art Biennale; National Pavilions – Holy See

Venice 2013 - Arsenale: 55th International Art Biennale; National Pavilions – Holy See. The Holy See participates this year for the first time at la Biennale di Venezia with a Pavilion inspired by the biblical narratives in the Book of Genesis. In Principio (In the Beginning) is the title chosen by the commissioner, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, who has promoted and designed this absolute novelty in line with the Dicastery’s mission of promoting dialogue with contemporary culture.  The first eleven chapters of Genesis have been the incipit for reflection, coordinated by the curator, Prof. Antonio Paolucci, Director of the Vatican Museums. From here they proceeded to identify three nuclei, these are Creation, Un-Creation and Re-Creation, entrusted to the three international renowned artists who have constructed different routes that communicate between each other. As an opening, though, of the Pavilion on show a sort of “trilogy” of the works of Tano Festa, a Roman artist who long worked on Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: the figure of Adam from the scene of Creation on the vault, the figure of the devil-serpent in the scene of the Original Sin, and the face of Adam, a sort of sign inviting the visitor to view the new works.

Holy See:  Studio Azzurro - The Creation.  The Creation has been given to Studio Azzurro. By a thoughtful use of new media, the famous Milanese group has risen to the challenge with an interactive installation that sees the human person at the center and stimulates the observer into mental and physical-sensorial movement within the surrounding space and individual and collective memory.


Holy See:  Studio Azzurro - The Creation.  Immaterial images come to life when touched by the hands of visitors, suggesting the animal kingdoms, through the gestures of the deaf and dumb, and the dominion of the spoken word.

Holy See:  Studio Azzurro - The Creation. Human beings are seen as “bringers of stories”, of personal narrations that come together through multimedia languages to form a great story of origins of the relation between man and time.  These are the voices, faces and gestures living in an enclosed condition under space and language, telling stories: male and female prisoners from Milano-Bollate retell their genealogies in an identity building process that moves backwards as far as memory stretches.


Holy See: Josef Koudelka – Un-creation. For Un-creation the Czech photographer Josef Koudelka was chosen: the power of his panoramic black and white photographs tells of the opposition of man to the world and to moral and natural laws, and material destruction deriving from the loss of ethical meaning.


Holy See:  Lawrence Carroll - Re-Creation. The hope present in the Re-Creation is expressed through the art of Lawrence Carroll: his ability to give new life to materials, turning them through processes of rethought and regeneration, opening up new possibilities of coexistence between apparently opposing dimensions, such as fragility and monumentality. The installation has the title Another Life and is composed of four great wall paintings and a floor piece. 

Lucy and Lawrence Carroll

Holy See:  Lawrence Carroll - Re-Creation.  Untitled (Freezing Painting), 2013, ice, oil wax, canvas on wood. A group of technicians was involved in realizing this piece, a freezing painting, unique in its kind for the characteristics and dimensions with respect to his previous works.  It cyclically will melt and refreeze modifying its aspects over the course of the day.
Above: Lucy cleans the condensation off the glass.

Seen in the Holy See Pavilion, Ben Jakober, Olimpia Fischetti, Gianfranco D’Amato, Yannick Vu and Massimo Moschini. 

Holy See:  Lawrence Carroll - Re-Creation.  

Seen in the Holy See Pavilion, Lucy Carroll, Angela and Rosita Missoni and Lawrence Carroll.

Seen in the Holy See Pavilion Raphael Castoriano promotes the Marina Abramovic Institute -  Run/Walk in Hudson, N.Y. on September 21.

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