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Milan - FF 2013 - Wallpaper Handmade exhibition and party.

Milan - FF 2013 - Wallpaper Handmade party.  The Wallpaper Handmade magazine exhibition and party was held at Leclectico the contemporary design gallery.  As for the past four years, the style bible assembled an international cast of star designers, craftsmen and makers to create another show that is epic in scale and ambition.
Wallpaper’s editor in chief Tony Chambers, Lighting designer Thierry Dreyfus and designer Ron Gilad. “Leclectico is a beautiful, inspirational space and the perfect venue to host our annual celebration of art craft, skill and vision. Tony Chambers said.

Leclectico’s Claudio Loria

Wallpaper Handmade:  Stealth Kate – Marc Quinn and Manifold Editions. This limited edition of 75 digital prints of
 artist Marc Quinn’s iconic 1996 Kate Moss sculpture has been signed, titled and numbered by Quinn on the front. It was printed with silkscreen glaze and diamond dust by Quinn, the publisher Manifold Editions and master printer Brad Fein of Coriander Studios. Quinn chose the digital print process for the image because it accentuates the colors and shades of the image, while the diamond dust provides an amazing contrast to the clean, detailed and sharp image of Moss.

Wallpaper Handmade: Umbrella – Naoto Fukasawa and Ombrelli Maglia. What problem do you throw at probably the most respected product designer in the world? This was a question we had to give some thought to when Naoto Fukasawa signed up for this year’s Handmade. We thought about the weather. We thought about the rain. We thought about umbrellas and asked Fukasawa if he would pay a visit to Ombrelli Maglia, producer of high-quality, handmade umbrellas in Milan. He came up with an idea for a smart umbrella that would be a lifelong comfort and support, an umbrella to cherish rather than lose, and one that would look as beautiful off-duty as on.

Wallpaper Handmade: Tipi – Emiliano Godoy and The Woolmark Company.   Mexican architect Emiliano Godoy has reinterpreted the portable tent structure that has been used
for centuries using five elegant fabrics in different shades of grey. Its purpose is to remind people of the potential toughness of wool. The structure was created using contemporary materials and CNC manufacturing processes, creating a flat-pack structure that can be assembled in minutes. The new fabrication technique allowed for
a more complex structure that provides a sheltered entrance area.

Defne Koz,  Marco Susani and Gaye Cevikel

Wallpaper Handmade: Mille-Feuille Storage Units – Emmanuelle Moureaux and Schonbuch.  Imagined as thin layers of coloured sheets scattered in the air, then settling randomly on top of each other, creating overhangs and recessions, the ‘Mille-Feuille’ storage series was designed by Japan-based architect Emmanuelle Moureaux and created by German furniture manufacturer Schonbuch. Employing her signature use of colour, Moureaux draws inspiration from similar but larger-scale previous explorations, such as her Sugamo Shinkin Bank (Shimura Branch) project. The colorful storage pieces are handmade out of layers of lacquered MDF and come in three sizes.

Wallpaper Handmade: Woolen Bench – Esrawe Studio and The Woolmark Company. Using folded woolen cushions on a walnut base and frame; the concept behind this bench by Mexican designer Hector Esrawe is simple. It is expressed by the strength of its repetition and the honest character and elegance of the wool. In its own minimalist way, it evokes an antique textile display.

Wallpaper Handmade: Box Of Secrets – Stephen Burks and Harry Winston. We’ve long been fans of Harry Winston’s narrative take on diamonds, so when we heard that the brand’s creative director, Sandrine de Laage, was a keen follower of our Handmade project, we started talking. From the start we agreed on the concept of an object, with one condition – it had to be practical but not wearable. De Laage asked designer Stephen Burks to join in and the pair devised our first ever $1m Handmade project – a transparent jewellery box designed to give a tantalising hint of the pieces within. Made using opaque quartz, crystal and chrome, it’s the sheer scale of de Laage’s vision that dazzles: it measures 60cm x 40cm, more than any dressing table could ever accommodate. Hence, the box becomes a rare and beautiful thing all of its own. 
Above. Sandrine de Laage and Stephen Burks.

Stefan Scholten

Wallpaper Handmade: Coffee Bar - Coming Soon Coffee, Architectural Titanium and Kebony. Hoi Chi Ng developed the blueprints for this year’s Handmade coffee bar. Calling in help from numerous collaborators, all of which are experts in their field, the bar is a triumph, thanks to Kebony, who supplied the dark timber for the main body, and Architectural Titanium, who supplied a light titanium for the louvres and other finishing touches, as well as a host of coffee growers, grinders and machine makers.
Above. Hoi Chi Ng and Matthias Suchert.

Konstantin Grcic

  Umit Benan, JJ Martin and Tom Dixon
 Jaime Hayon

Wallpaper Handmade: Globe – Mathias Hahn and Bellerby and Co. German born industrial designer Mathias Hahn’s globe manipulates the logic of calculating a sphere from a flat, with the different hues for each longitude and latitude creating coloured bands. These bands represent layers of light and reflection, similar to the way colours physically arise and mix, when we see them in nature. The pattern is similar to the weave of a blanket. The 72 longitude sections and 36 latitude sections generate 2,592 different shades.

Wallpaper Handmade:  Felt Lights – Snarkitecture and The Woolmark Company. Operating somewhere between art and architecture, Snarkitecture is a collaboration between Alex Mustonen and Daniel Arsham. These light fixtures, made from 100 per cent wool, are formed by stacking layers of thick wool felt to build up forms that recall familiar pendants or table lamps. Whether suspended from the ceiling or placed on a table, the undersides of the pieces reveal a hidden world of excavated topography that play against the careful, precise form of the exterior.

The courtyard
Constance Guisset

Brunno Jahara and Harry Allen

Wallpaper Handmade:  Felt Shoes – Adam Goodrum and The Woolmark Company. One of Australian industrial designer Adam Goodrum’s earliest memories 
is of his mother spinning wool at a timber spinning wheel. He would help her comb 
the fleece because the lanoline was good for his skin. Goodrum decided to use wool to make shoes because of his interest in the way flat graphic patterns can come together to create a three-dimensional form. Plus, shoes were also something he could bring to Milan in his hand luggage.


Wallpaper Handmade: Book Shelf Lamp – Thierry Dreyfus. ‘I have always wondered how to light my to make the light source invisible both when it’s turned off and when lit,’ says legendary French lighting designer Dreyfus. Hidden between the books, this lamp opens like a book enclosed in a precious casket. A discreet presence, the light is revealed when the book is pulled from its holder. The wood, the main material of the book’s support, becomes a lamp. Made entirely from cedar wood, a fine LED line is hidden in the vertical element, which opens and closes to allow the light to be controlled manually. The amount of light which emanates is thus regulated by how open it is. The perfume of the cedar mixes with the perfume of the books and once the lamp is closed, leaves only the memory of the light.
Above. Thierry Dreyfus and Nick Vinson.

 Produzione Leclectico: Folie Shirley Van Piere.  The designer developed a project based on reflections of the landscape of her native city, creating curious and engaging scenes with a fascinating perspective and use of vanishing points.  This project led to the creation of Folie, a bench in brass and wood, where the perspective is not a technique but intrinsic to the object itself.

Wallpaper Handmade:  Marble Installation – Michael Anastassiades and Henraux. London based Cypriot designer Michael Anastassiades’ inspiration for this marble installation was the red cellophane fortune-telling fish you used to get in Christmas crackers that would curl and wiggle in the palm of your hand. The challenge he posed to Henraux’s marble technicians was to push the limits of what is technologically possible while preserving the inherent qualities of the marble.

Arik Levy and Jerry Helling
Beverly Luckings and Giannino Malossi

Wallpaper Handmade: Blue Porter – Mathias Kiss and Pierre Frey. This is a reflection on the fold and deformation of rigid materials, using
a combination of craftsmanship and contemporary experimentation. Mathias Kiss drew and painted the marble patterns using an oil painting technique he learned as an apprentice Compagnons, the French guild of craftsmen and artisans that dates back
to the Middle Ages.
Above. Pierre Frey.

 Wallpaper Handmade: Architects’s Portfolio Bag – Sealup. Generic black portfolio case, this architect’s bag is completely waterproof, unfailingly sturdy, and easy on the eye. To pull it off, 
we turned to outerwear supremo Sealup, who constructed an A2-sized portfolio case out of strong waterproof bonded cotton and lined it with 3D padded netting. Roomy enough to fit in a whole host of blueprints and plans, the bag comes equipped with handy shoulder straps to allow for easy carrying. Completing the blueprint for the perfect architect’s companion, it is also equipped with an inner pocket to fit an iPad, and has been accessorized with two straps at the bottom to store tubes and drawings.

Wallpaper Handmade:  Hogalid Sofa – Karl-Johan Hjerling and Karin Wallenbeck, and George Smith. For their sofa, Swedish designers Karl-Johan Hjerling and Karin Wallenbeck wanted to represent the craft and heritage of English furniture maker George Smith but highlight it with a contemporay contrast. A pouf is transformed into a sofa using a wooden and leather frame, creating a wonderful contrast between the soft pouf, with its curved shape and upholstered velvet mohair, and the rigid wooden frame with its hard expression.
Above. Karl-Johan Hjerling.

Wallpaper Handmade: Valet Brush Set – Sebastian Bergne and Kent Brushes. Designed by cosmopolitan, London-based designer Sebastian Bergne, this set of eight brushes addresses the specific needs of today’s well-dressed man, some of which he may not realise he has until now. The same shape of satinwood handle is used for each brush, each time re-orientating the block to give a different holding position and bristle arrangement for a specific function. Whether it’s for cleaning different leathers, servicing your watch, brushing your cashmere or dusting your shoulders, there is a dedicated brush for the task.
Above. Sebastian Bergne.


 Wallpaper Handmade: Travel Clock – La Montre Hermes. Though it has been involved in creating watches since the 1920s (long before it started making silk scarves), it was only last year that Hermes presented its first in-house mechanical movement, the ‘H1837’. And that got us thinking – what if, in the era of digital clocks, Hermes revisited the idea of time as a luxury? So, after a brainstorming session with the company’s creative team and a look through its watch archives, we settled on
the idea of revisiting the travel clock. Hermes was already working on a new pocket watch design that fitted our brief perfectly as we wanted a neat, functional and beautiful object that was portable enough to use everyday. The strap makes the watch easy to tie to the inside of a handbag or carry case, while the leather stand allows it to become a chic bedside travel clock, designed to add a comforting touch of luxury whichever time zone you happen to wake up in.

Wallpaper Handmade:  Butler No. 4 – Ron Gilad and The Woolmark Company.  Wallpaper’s 2013 award winning designer. Butler No. 4 follows on from Ron Gilad’s ‘Butler’ series which the designer first debuted in 2009. In the same vein as these previous design/art pieces based around the concept of a valet, ‘Butler No. 4’ is Gilad’s ‘investigation into the absurd’. Essentially a giant room divider, each panel comprises a pair of white-gloved hands holding up a panel of wool fabric, from under which a disembodied pair of shoe-wearing feet is seen peeking out below. When viewed from the front, ‘Butler No. 4’ seems almost like a hyper-realistic servant, yet from behind its form is completely abstracted into a wireframe stick figure, altering the spectator’s perception by questioning the relationship between form and function.
 Above. Ron Gilard and Simone Farresin.


Wallpaper Handmade: Kage Suitcase – Tsatsas. This is just the suitcase for seasoned business travellers and weekend escapers who know too well the perils of airport commuting. Called ‘Kage’, which is Japanese for ‘shadow’, and small enough to comply with airline hand-luggage restrictions, Tsatsas’ trolley suitcase, complete with debossed Wallpaper logo, features three compartments – one for clothing, one for shoes, and one that opens while the suitcase is upright for easy access to a specially designed section for laptops, boarding passes, and a specially crated plastic bags for those all-important liquids.

Xavier Lust and Nathalie Jean

Wallpaper Handmade: Chess Set – Richard Meier. Chess is pure mathematics, and the sublime geometry of archistar Richard Meier’s bespoke set translates the game’s familiar pieces into abstract sculptures, paring down the distinguishing features into the most minimal expression possible. Handcrafted in wood at the New York studio’s model shop, a subtle stain distinguishes each player. Proportions are hugely important, and Bishop, Queen and King are made distinct by the addition of a square sliver of wood, which intersects the piece at three different angles to determine its function. The board itself is comprised of carefully routed squares, enabling each game to be an evolving work of abstract art.

Wallpaper Handmade: 8ung! – Klaar Prims. Belgian glass artist Klaar Prims essentially draws in glass, creating coloured strings that she can weave and melt together before moulding the entire form – in this case, into
a glass bowl. It is remarkably simple and pure, beautiful work, the product of many years of research, hard work and development.

Wallpaper Handmade: Clothes Horse – Jonah Takagi and Another Country. The daily ritual of dressing takes centre stage with this modern clothes horse by American designer Jonah Takagi. The arching clothes rail, which incorporates a full-length mirror and vanity shelf, builds on his previous explorations of creating structures that work to define a larger space. Together, the all-encompassing dressing unit forms a worthy alternative to what might be typically found in the bedroom. Despite its straightforwardness, there is still a theatrical thread in the piece; from the front, most of the stretched wooden rail is hidden from view. British wood specialists, Another Country, were the perfect partners to bring this modern piece to life. Realised in ash wood painted in the brand’s signature Pigeon Blue, the piece is a timeless vision that boasts exposed brass hardware and visible joinery to highlight the honesty of its construction.
Above. Jonah Takagi.


Wallpaper Handmade: Life is Precious Survival Kit – Fort Standard. Designers Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings, of Fort Standard, have reimagined the standard outdoor ‘survival’ kit, making use of their love of hiking and the outdoors to create ‘Life is Precious’, a comprehensive emergency aid designed to look and feel as precious as its contents would be to its user in an emergency situation. Combining form with function, it comprises a compass, fire-starting kit, whistle and signal mirror, sewing kit, and fishing kit, packed into a tool roll screenprinted with instructions. The kit 
is contained in a waterproof brass canister engraved with motivational lines that encourage the owner to familiarise themselves with the contents of the package.

Wallpaper Handmade: Travel Bike – Explorateur and Rapha. We invited London-based bicycle frame-building company Explorateur to build a bespoke frame for Simon Mottram, founder of Rapha. Made of Columbus Spirit and Kaisei steel tubing and painted in the distinctive Rapha livery, the design incorporates the ingenious Ritchey Break-Away system and can be dismantled for travelling. Mirroring the geometry of a Colnago C50 (Mottram’s number one ride), other features include carbon fibre disc forks, internal cabling and stainless steel rear drop-outs.

 Wallpaper Handmade: Bonbonnieres - Julie Bonde Bulck. Danish born Scotish based potter Julie Bonde Bulck, with sugary treats never far from our minds at Wallpaper HQ, we thought not only to develop our own sweets, but also something to put them in. We turned to the young Danish ceramicist Julie Bonde Bülck, sensing she was of similar mind – she had already worked on a collection of seductively sweet- shaped bonbonnières. Developing a new prototype and casting mould for our project, she used nature as a reference point for the pieces, creating glazes and textures that turn them into large, but very tactile pebbles.



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