Sunday, April 21, 2013

Milan: FF 2013 – New Seatings - Sawaya and Moroni

 Photograph courtesy Sawaya and Moroni

Milan: FF 2013 – New Seatings - Sawaya and Moroni. New Seatings at Sawaya and Moroni “What we saw in that landscape was a pair of partitions and a chair. It was the opposite of a ruin: they were pieces of a future home.” With these words, the poet and dramatist Jean Cocteau stressed how the chair as a manufactured product, extended by analogy to seating in general, is the archetype of domestic furnishing – possibly the most difficult one to design. It is the product that accompanies the life of every one of us, an indispensable item in every home, so much so that it can make a ruin into a home of the future.
Above. Vicka seating by William Sawaya. The concept of the skin is the salient characteristic in the Vicka chairs, a collection developed with the technological input of Technogel, a leading name in the sector. For this collection, William Sawaya discovered a gel of the latest generation, developed and improved with new and durably high-performance finishes, giving it a major new application as the distinctive trait in the shape and color of chairs, sofas and poufs in two different sizes.

Paolo Moroni seats on the O’S Bench designed by William Sawaya.

New Seatings - Sawaya and Moroni. Kuki by Zaha Hadid.   Zaha Hadid developed her Kuki chair, by folding and structuring the original surface sheet until it takes on the personality of furnishing. A single skin shapes the seat and backrest, and then folds vertically and inwards to point to the supports on the ground.
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