Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Milan: MFW – Maliparmi Fall Winter 2013

Photograph by Francesco Pizzo

Milan: MFW – Maliparmi Fall Winter 2013.  The Maliparmi Fall Winter 2013 is called Nomade Remix, it is inspired by the desire for a new nomadic experience driven by the world wide web, a technology that brings the whole planet within our reach, shortening distances and turning space and time into relative concepts. 

Maliparmi - Nomade Remix. Malìparmi has taken over a magical space in Milan in Piazza Sant’Eustorgio, overlooking the Romanesque style basilica.  The new Spazio Nomade is a location whose ever-changing spirit will create an enduring presence. Annalisa Paresi, president of Malìparmi, says, "I've always been fascinated by Piazza Sant’Eustorgio, because I felt it was a place of the soul, existing as if suspended in time. The space has experienced an especially rich history of new ideas, of fabrics arriving from far-off places, it seemed to be the perfect place to realise an idea that means great deal to me; a multifunctional environment that can host a range of diverse initiatives linked to our product, whilst also fulfilling other roles."

 Photograph by  courtesy Maliparmi

Maliparmi - Fall Winter 2013.  The Mailiparmi Nomade Remix collection, “It grew from a wish to travel round the world", says Silvia Bisconti, Malìparmi's artistic director, "And to bring back ideas, objects, incentives to combine in a new, contemporary mash-up that nourishes the memories, emotions and identity of the elements that generated it". 

Maliparmi - Nomade Remix - the shoes
Maliparmi - Nomade Remix.  The remix is the key concept of the collection, expressed through prints, shapes and individual garments. 

Set designer Sergio Colantuoni, FBR Europe’s PR and CEO Francesca Ballini Richards with architects, Matteo Cibic and Antonio Piccirilli.

Maliparmi - Nomade Remix – the jewelry

Maliparmi - Nomade Remix. In the Nomade Remix silhouette the mash-up of prints, embroidery and fabrics finds a pleasing equilibrium. Everything is based on the coat with masculine roots, featuring highly feminine prints, embroidery and linings, superimposed and layered over the sweater and top ensemble. The wide skirt, visible at the bottom of the coat, is perfect with the new high-heeled Mary Janes, the large "Metallic interweaving" shopping bag or the ultra-embroidered “Crazy Africa” clutch.
Maliparmi - Nomade Remix – the bags

Spazio Nomade Malìparmi. Amid all the frenetic activity of the MFW runaway shows, guests were offered a nomad brunch. And staying on the Nomad theme, the food was served in appropriate containers, like these pretty tins in which a delicious hot Chickpea Soup with Croutons was served, much appreciated on a snowy, grey Milan day.

 The cooks - sisters Alessandra and Roberta Calvo who run Soup in Naples devised the nomad menu.

The entrepreneurial heart and president of Malìparmi, Annalisa Paresi and Pina Gandolfi fashion director of  MySelf magazine.

Maliparmi - The Tessuto della Memoria - Easy and Chic. In the Tessuto della Memoria section Emma sits on the Easy side of the room. The collection entitled Easy and Chic for which two women provide the inspiration; the Chic woman dresses in a sober style, while paying attention to details that are often not at all obvious. She prefers neutral colors like beige, brown and black. The Easy woman chooses more practical garments, simple yet special, in bright shades of pink, green and blue. 

Maliparmi - The Tessuto della Memoria - Easy and Chic. For the Chic woman, a degrade cape and a special button mix. For the Easy woman this becomes a mohair poncho with print border.

Maliparmi -Tessuto della Memoria - Easy and Chic. Special scarves round off the collection - Chic, in masculine fabric with an intensely feminine silk lining and jewel buttons, Easy in soft mohair lined with colourful prints inside.


Soup’s Melanzane alla Parmigiano served in Belli di Mamma (Mummy’s pet) jars.

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