Monday, November 12, 2012

Montecchio: Fondazione Bisazza_Experimental Growth, by Arik Levy

Montecchio: The Bisazza Foundation - Arik Levy - Experimental Growth. The Bisazza Foundation for Design and Contemporary Architecture, is hosting, until 21 December, a new exhibition dedicated to the Israeli designer Arik Levy, with the title Experimental Growth. The exhibition project comprises of a structural modification to the architecture of the Foundation's space, a macro-installation called Rock Chamber and a video created especially for the event, titled Virtual Truth.

Arik Levy - Rock Chamber. Arik Levy’s project for the Bisazza Foundation revolves around Rock Chamber, a major sculptural work that has become part of the Permanent Collection, it is located in a space conceived and designed especially by the artist himself. 
Photograph by Lorenzo Ceretta courtesy Bisazza Foundation.  
Rock Chamber. For the first time since the opening of the Bisazza Foundation, not only does an artist put his name to an installation, but his project also affects the very architecture of the spaces.

Sketch by Arik Levy copyright Arik Levy courtesy Bisazza Foundation Arik.  
Rock Chamber. In the new hall dedicated to Levy, an exhibition/installation is staged through which the artist was able to trace the creative evolution of Rock Chamber and the geometrical aspect of its material through the projection of an original video titled Virtual Truth.

The Israeli designer Arik Levy and Rossella Bisazza vice president of the Fondazione Bisazza.

Arik Levy – Rock Chamber.  Models for the experimental evolution of Rock Chamber in epoxy resin.

Arik Levy – Virtual Truth Interactive Video. The video is an interactive installation where people can get in contact with the space and the projection, which changes and transforms according to the movement they make.
Above. Levy demonstrates how the Virtual Truth video interacts with body movements.

The VIPs, Alessandro Mendini, Fabio Novembre, Rossella Bisazza and Francesco Mendini.

Arik Levy - Experimental Growth. “We are the prehistorical people of the future and this construction and form may represent the future “cave”.  It is also meant to make disappear the obvious normal space references of straight walls and corners that gives us point of reference for the eye, the mind and the body.” Arik Levy writes.

       Executive director of the Bisazza Foundation Maria Cristina Didero.

President of the Bisazza Foundation Piero Bisazza and renown journalist Cristina Morozzi.

Architect and designer Fabio Novembre celebrates the victory of Barack Obama’s second term in office.

A tree grows inside the Fondazione Bisazza.

Press lunch with Arik Levy. Black and white details of Canova sculptures, conceived in mosaics by Carlo Dal Bianco, serve as a backdrop for the table settings.

Wallpaper magazine’s design editor Pei-Ru Keh chats with Arik Levy.

Press lunch with Arik Levy. Pumpkin and Mushroom Risotto.

Press lunch with Arik Levy. Bisazza PR Roberta Novali is entertained by Haaretz’s design journalist Yuval Saar.

Press lunch with Arik Levy. The white chocolate dessert is stuffed with raspberries.

Russian Architectural Digest’s editor in chief Eugenia Mikulina.

Italian Conde Nast’s design and art editor Paolo Lavezzari.

That-a–way for the Fondazione Bisazza near Vicenza at Montecchio Maggiore.

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