Sunday, September 30, 2012

Milano: Art - Le Case d’Arte – Rosemarie Trockel exhibition.

Milano: Art - Le Case d’Arte – Rosemarie Trockel exhibition.  Le Case d'Arte gallery, presents in the context of the open cycle dedicated solely to wall works (wall drawings, wall paper etc.) the work Prisoners of Yourself by the German artist Rosemarie Trockel.  The work was executed in the gallery, and consists of a silkscreen printed directly on the wall. It is 14 meters long and 1.40 meters high, and forms a sort of fence with a motive recurring to the artist: knitted stiches. Also, on show in the gallery are two elements of design, the Eternit stools by the first Swiss industrial designer Willy Guhl and a silkscreen limited edition poster by the artist and printed by Rinaldo Rossi in Genova.

Le Case d’Arte – Rosemarie Trockel exhibition.   Le Case d’Arte’s Pasquale Leccese, who is also president of Start Milano. Start is a non-profit association that brings together 29 galleries amongst the more active and pro-active in the field of contemporary art. Through conceiving and organizing events and roundtables, Start responds dynamically to the cultural needs of the city of Milan. 

Art critic Mariuccia Casadio and director of the art gallery A Palazzo in Brescia Chiara Rusconi.

 photograph courtesy Le Case d'Arte

Le Case d’Arte – Rosemarie Trockel exhibition.  The process of silkscreening directly onto the gallery wall Rosemarie Trockel’s  Prisoners of Yourself work.
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