Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Milano: S/S 2013 - Fashion Week - Maliparmi - Light Video


Milano: S/S 2013 Maliparmi – Light video presentation. The S/S 2013 Maliprami collection is called Light and is linked to the video (above) with the same name, which was presented in Venice during the Video Festival. It depicts the journey of a single dress in three different colours, by three women who were captured in the normality of their gestures, in a private, intimate state of mind. The journey takes in their cities - Rome, expressing all our Italian nature, Paris, the symbol of elegance and creativity, and Istanbul, gateway to the East and a fascinating crossroads of different cultures. A cast of real women, not actresses or models, each with her own individual story who were left free to express their personality and attitudes.
  Courtesy Maliparmi

Maliparmi S/S 2013. The collection offers fabrics like colorful chiffons that can also be layered, or gossamer-light washed organzas. Soft leathers are woven, decorated and dyed in the Malìparmi style for the “bad girl” jackets to wear with a "crochet" maxi-bag and the new sandals with graphic heel (below).

 Maliparmi S/S 2013. ‘’For this presentation we felt the need to make a change, we wanted to encourage a closer, more personal relationship with our guests and to create a greater focus on the product. We chose an intimate, relaxed way to tell the story of the collection - it's concrete, but carries an intense emotional charge", explains Annalisa Paresi, president of Malìparmi

Maliparmi S/S 2013. New for Maliparmi is the colorful knitwear in strong, intense hues. Red plays an important role, in a dense, feminine shade, alongside both a strong and a more fragile pink, or complemented by intense blue and jade green, pure tones to be lit with flashes of color and contrasts that, while decisive, always natural and never invasive.

  Courtesy Maliparmi

Maliparmi S/S 2013 – the location. The bright, airy setting reproduced the atmosphere of a home, complete with sitting room, bedroom with bath, dinning room and a home theater showing the Light Video, above. The accessories where arranged in white cupboards, a sort of imaginary wardrobe every women can identify with.
Details of layering in the S/S 2013 Maliparmi collection.

Maliparmi S/S 2013. From the two star restaurant, Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, chef Alessandro Negrini’s Show Cooking.  He prepared and explained a dish whilst press and guests seated around a big table watched…and, tasted.
Passata di Pomodoro con Capperi, Origano e Crostini di Pane di Farro Biologico
Maliparmi S/S 2013. In the “dinning room, at a large table the guests and press where seated whilst they watched chef Alessandro Negrini’s preparation and listened to his description of the exclusive recipes.

  The silver was laid out on a 1950’s trolley.

Maliparmi S/S 2013. Maliparmi’s Personal Shopper, Francesca Duso and Silvia Bisconti, who is the brand’s artistic director and creative spirit.
The new sandals with graphic heels.
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