Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Arsenale: People’s Republic of China

Arsenale: People’s Republic of ChinaOriginaire. Originaire” is a word created to combine the meaning of “original” and “initial”.  In the Chinese language, the character for “source” is specifically in the context of water source.  As such, we evoke the idea “orginaire” to seek the origin of memory and a mental image of the original world.  We asked five architects, artists and designers to create five installations from different perspectives to represent different interpretations of the meaning “originaire”, as proposed by the curator Gang Zhenning.
Above and below: Wang Yun’s Square Garden is a matrix composed of 36 cubes.  Each painted white and together all 36 make up a square garden.  Located on the lawns of the Virgin Garden, each cube is installed with a mirror stainless steel plate on top with different compositions of holes.  

Wang Yun

These holes are abstracted from spatial relationships of traditional villages and settlements, which is the original way of living for human species.  The mirror plates have a directivity towards one diagonal of the Square Garden, in which texts with contents such as the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are engraved on the mirror plates of different cubes aligned on the diagonal.  These texts indicate that human constructions are imaginations from the “original” to the future of the universe.

Arsenale: CHINA, People’s Republic of ChinaOriginaire. Shao WeiPingSequence, uses slices to create a linear representation of a Mobius strip.

Arsenale: CHINA, People’s Republic of ChinaOriginaire. Tao Na Palace in the Sky provides and interactive approach for visitors to experience time and space travel between Earth, the planets and the external galaxies.

Tao Na – Palace in the Sky consists of 10,000 pieces of small magnetic squares with its numbers on the back.   This artwork has three different layers: 1/ The Map of Beijing. 2/ The View of Mars. 3/ The Sight of the Galaxy.  Each spectator is allowed to take away one magnetic piece that they appreciate from the top two layers, therefore creating an ever-changing presentation of the entire universe.  During the interaction, spectators do not only receive a gift from Tao Na, they are also interpreting the relationship between architectures, civilizations and the space.

Arsenale: CHINA, People’s Republic of ChinaOriginaire. Xu Dongliang – Lightopia, conjures a scene of campfire and night sky during the prehistoric age.
Originaire: Shao Weiping(BIAD-UFo); Tao Na; Wei Chunyu; Wang Yun; Xu Dongliang
Commissioner: Zhang Yu, Yan Dong.  Curater: Fan Zhenning.  

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