Saturday, June 02, 2012

NYC: Trend - Frozen Yogurts

NYC: Trends – Frozen Yogurts.  The fad in New York seems to be frozen yogurt shops and trucks sprouting up all over the city. With the warm weather coming on fro-yo’s are a lighter alternative for the ice-cream lover.
Above. 16 Handles offers do-it-yourself service with sixteen flavors on tap and many more dressing to boot. The company is eco friendly and uses cornstarch spoons and biodegradable cups. They also compost and recycle whenever possible and are partners with Trees for the Future: every 16 Handles location helps plant sixteen trees every day. 

16 Handles. The help yourself taps offer sixteen flavors like Green Tea Tart, Margarita Tart, Piña Colada Tart, Angel Food Cake, NY Cheesecake and Irish Mint.  

16 Handles. All frozen yogurts taps have complete dietary information screens. 


16 Handles.  Choose your own topping from a selection of fresh fruits, nuts, cookies, Gummi bears, M and M’s, rainbow sprinkles, chocolates, syrups like caramel, honey, marshmallow and more from the mammoth topping bar.

16 Handles. A personal selection of a tub of fat free yogurt, with fresh berries and fruit topped with rainbow sprinklers, which is paid for according to weight.
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