Monday, June 11, 2012

Hudson River Valley: Philmont – Local 111 restaurant.

Hudson River Valley: Philmont – Local 111 restaurant.  Local 111 restaurant is located in the Village of Philmont, a rural area that is blessed with some of the best farms in the Hudson Valley. In fact the restaurant’s name Local is named for the local use of ingredients’ whilst it is located at 111 Main Street. The small restaurant is an adaptive reuse of an existing service station; they maintained the original bay structure of the building to preserve the sense of openness toward Main Street

Local 111.  Executive chef Jospehine Proul is a committed advocate of cooking seasonally with locally grown food. Before joining the team at Local 111 she honed her skills in classic French charcuterie at Le Pichet in Seattle. She is member of Slow Food,  and is proud to be a supporter of the growing and flourishing agricultural community  in the Hudson River Valley. On the wall an original painting of the surrounding countryside by Gabrielle Senza, who finished painting it on site.

Real Home Fries with home-made tomato ketchup.

Asparagus Salad with Hudson Red Cheese, Almonds, Parsley and Poached Egg.

Lemon Sorbet, in the background you can see the original bay structure of the original service station window.
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