Friday, May 11, 2012

MILAN: Furniture Fair - Wallpaper exhibition and party

Brioni Palazzo: Wallpaper* – Handmade III. Wallpaper Handmade returns to the Brioni palazzo with yet another stunning exhibition.  Acting as client, patron and creative director, wallpaper magazine was once again presenting an exhibition of specially commissioned objects, installations, furniture, fashion, food and more by some of the world’s most respected designers, artists, craftsmen, brands and manufacturers.
Above: Wallpaper’s editor-in-chief Tony Chambers and Brioni’s Antonella di Simone. ‘ Handmade is a testimony to great design, talent and ideas, and the determination to achieve the extraordinary.  We are once again celebrating beautiful new friendships and beautiful new things.” Tony Chambers.

Wallpaper*: Toolbox Vehicle – Jouin Manku and D3 Groupe. “We like to work hard, play hard and travel light, so we asked Paris-based design duo Jouin Manku to come up with a vehicle that could combine all three elements into a fun experience for designers.  The result became a collaboration with French company D3 Groupe, who transformed an electronic U-Box vehicle into an atelier on wheels for creatives.  This allowed them to travel sustainably while working on their designs, listening to music, watching the scenery, breathing fresh air and exploring new ideas.”

Sir Terence Conran 

Wallpaper*: Bookmark – Paul Cocksedge and Studio and Smili.  Paul Cocksedge turns the conventional bookmark on its head.  Made of Pentelikon marble provided by Smili, the piece is strong and smooth, created with CNC water-jet cutting technology at the Smili workshop in Athens.  Perfectly sized for your Wallpaper magazine. It comes in two versions that rock.

Nilufar's Nina Yashar


Wallpaper*: Pop-up Popcorn – Joe and Seph’s.  “In our never ending quest for the perfect snack, we asked gourmet corn poppers Joe and Seph’s to give their moreish popcorn a one-off Italian twist. After numerous tasting sessions, we collectively settled on one sweet and one savoury flavour that would suit all manner of occasions.  Joe and Seph’s took bedrocks of Italian tradition and eclectically paired them with a British spin.  Our savoury option mixes the right creaminess of a Gorgonzola-esque blue cheese with hearty hints of walnut and a hit of bitter celery.  While each morsel of caramel macchiato version comes infused with a shot of Scottish whisky.

JJ Martin and Vincent Darre

Wallpaper*: Tablecloth – Toilet Paper.  “Created specially by artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari, the provocative pair behind the magazine Toilet Paper, this tablecloth is one of a series, all playing with the idea of multiples and repetition, that featured on the tables of the Wallpaper and Toilet Paper party.  You can have a glimpse of the event in this year’s September issue of Wallpaper.”

Cole and Son's CEO Simon Glendenning stands in front of the Cole and Son and Gucci "Flora" wallpaper.

Wallpaper*: 88… After Klein – Idris Khan and Annie Morris and Comme des Garcons. “We sent artists Idris Khan and Annie Morris, husband and wife, but collaborating for the first time, dozens of Comme des Garcons wallets, an evergreen in Rei Kawakubo’s product offer since the label’s launch in 1969.  Seeking to celebrate the wallets, Khan and Morris cocooned them first in Modroc tape and casting plaster before smothering them with Yves Klein-blue pigment, retaining the original shape while emphasising the signature zip-pull as an erect protrusion.  Presented as a stack, they tower around 2m high, a celebratory totem; in this new interpretation, the 88, originally white leather wallets, says Khan, ‘ will be trapped in time forever.’”
In the background: Glass Icicle Chandelier and Bronze Fungus Candlesticks by Lindsay Adelman.

Wallpaper*: ‘V’ Tent – Sam Hecht and Kim Colin/Industrial Facility and Louis Vuitton.  “We invited London-based industrial designers Industrial Facility to design a tent and French fashion house Louis Vuitton to make it.  Taking a foldable steamer bag and its inverted ‘V’ logo by Gaston-Louis Vuitton as a starting point, our leather-trimmed waterproof canvas tent opens on both sides.  The accented V-shaped panels zip open and pull out, either held in place, as an awning by a lightweight pole or rolled up with leather straps.  The tent pegs are overscale tacks lifted from a Vuitton trunk and, while the Maison’s special order department finish making our matching steamer bag, rescaled to take the folded tent, pegs, poles and mallet, we have borrowed the 1901 original from the Louis Vuitton Patrimony Collection in Asnieres.”


Wallpaper*: ‘Cameo’ dominoes – James Irvine and De Simone.  “We paired up British designer James Irvine with venerable Italian company De Simone to create a set of dominoes in one of the firm’s favoured raw materials, seashell. De Simone has been handcrafting cameos and creating jewellery pieces for generations, and has made good use of this experience to produce Irvine’s design, a handcarved set of dominoes featuring both Wallpaper’s asterisk and De Simone’s traditional cameos.

Wait and See's Uberta Zambelletti

Wallpaper*: ‘Convertibles’ folded paper objects – Irma boom and Fedrigoni. Realising an idea first conceived but never executed when she was at art school, designer Irma Boom folds five Fedrigoni paper stocks into ‘Convertibles’ – a notebook, an object and a set of three bags each exploring her passion for the strength, flexibility and beauty of paper.  The pieces exploit the individual qualities of the stocks chosen, the soft and subtle Constellation Snow E/80 Tela Fine, the modesty, stable and flexible Tintoretto Ceylon Crystal Salt, the dry top of Inspira Mistero and the simplicity of Acroprint Mild White and Oikos Extra White.

Wallpaper*: Entertaining Tool Set – Jacques-Elie Ribeyron and Architectural Titanium.  “Intent on making the sharing of food with others a more elegant affair, we asked designer Jacques-Elie Ribeyron to develop a five-piece set, comprising a chocolate hammer, nut opener, a small knife, a brush for cleaning up crumbs and a cutting board.  Ribeyron’s sophisticated yet industrial aesthetic has been perfectly matched by the fine execution of Architectural Titanium, which used an aerospace-grade titanium for the cutting board and its patented crystal titanium to make the faceted grips on each tool.”

 Philippe Malouin and Faye Toogood

Wallpaper*: Wrapping Paper Set – Postalco.   “As lovers of good packaging, we turned to paper connoisseurs Postalco to create the ultimate wrapping paper set to truly get us into the spirit of giving.  The set includes wrapping paper, two sizes of gift cards and two styles of gift bags that all feature a dynamic design of variegated stripes that have been individually printed on Postalco co-founder Mike Abelson’s handmade wheel printer, which applies different inks on various types and sizes of wheels to produce totally unique results.”

Wallpaper*: “Monolithic’ – Paul Kelley and Agape.   This unique minimalist bathroom concept, which plays with spatial arrangements and materials, is the work of British furniture maker Paul Kelley and Italian bathroom specialist Agape.  Finished with Agape’s refined fixtures, the work references American sculptors Donald Judd and Richard Serra.  The bath is revealed by sliding back a huge wooden teak cover, while a copper-clad volume hides a shower, washbasin and shelving unit.

Nick Vinson and Alfredo Haberli

Wallpaper*: Barbecue Grill and Tools – Alfredo Haberli and Kim.  “A proper barbecue takes time,” reasoned Alfredo Haberli when we challenged him to design an outdoor grill.  “And although cook-outs are considered to be social gatherings, they often exclude the cook.”  So Haberli has made our barbecue a social place.  Rather than isolating the person manning the station, the grill becomes a place to gather and have drinks with friends while the food is being cooked.  Working with metal specialists, Kim, the piece is produced in a mix of oak, yellow zinc-plated steel, brushed stainless steel and painted steel.  The Accompanying tools are made from hand-forged stainless steel.

Catherine Biasino and Marie Mees

Wallpaper*: Jugs and Cups - Derek Wilson Ceramics.  “My objects, in their colour, shape and materiality, reference the ideas of restraint, containment and minimalism,” Derek Wilson.  These were precisely our thoughts when we discovered Wilson’s creations at the London Design Festival two years ago.  Impressed by their simplicity and elegance, we invited Wilson to design a new piece that was both functional and sculptural.  The resulting, beautifully crafted jug and cups reference mid-century British Constructivism.

Wallpaper*: ‘Spel” Games Table – Michael Verheyden.  For Last year’s Handmade, Belgian designer Michael Verheyden created a luxurious geometry set for us, so we invited him to create a larger scale piece for this year’s Handmade.  Verheyden chose to create a games table, large enough to seat eight people, covered in soft nappa leather, with oak legs and brass detailing.  The table houses a secret compartment (with a brass handle engraved with the Handmade seal by Belgian engraving company Mauquoy) to store games and playing cards.  Four small brass trays, connected to the table legs and hidden under the table, can hold each player’s dice or glass of whisky.

Wallpaper*: RiceCube – Michael Elmgreen and Solve 3D.  Michael Elmgreen, one half of artist duo Elmgreen and Dragset, has designed a rice cooker, produced in collaborations with British model makers and prototypers Solve 3D.

Lane Crawford's creative director, Ross Urwin and Wallpaper's Emma Moore

Wallpaper*: “Konstellation’ Light Installation – Peter Marigold and Lindberg.  Lindberg makes spectacles like no one else.  So we charged British designer Peter Marigold with looking at how Lindberg makes specs and then doing something else entirely.  Or rather, taking its titanium, twisting and turning technical and manufacturing and creating an entirely new product.  The result is one of the most dramatic pieces in the exhibition.  Marigold has strung together titanium strip sandwiches, each holding a small LED, to create a sort of branch lightning, designed specifically for the stairwell of Brioni HQ.”

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