Wednesday, May 02, 2012

MILAN: Furniture Fair - Ventura Lambrate: Spazio Hayon

Ventura Lambrate: Spazio Hayon. Spazio Hayon is designed to bring you regular updates from Hayon Studio that showcase the new products and directions taken in the last year providing a window into the latest work from this innovative creator.  The 2012 installation brought together sketches, process and final pieces and explored the creative path of the designer.
Above: Jamie Hayon.


Spazio Hayon.  This single piece, organically shaped armchair designed by Hayon for andtradition, was inspired by
 the harmony of curves. Sinuous movements in nature, the push and pull of rounded forms and the interplay of light and shadows, Curves are both seductive and comforting, the natural embellishment and enhancement to linear forms.
 The key to the design was the creation of a flexible, comfortable shape that would adjust to various body types with its modern and inviting form.
A combination of rich materials and various finishes allow for a wide range of options: from a basic naked shell to quality Kvadrat wool upholstery or a luxurious leather alternative.
 Available in various finishes and ergonomically designed with a high backrest, the chair is both functional and comfortable. Celebrating versatility, it can be used in intimate settings, casual comfort or in the stripped down minimal atmosphere of the workspace. 
 Simplicity, elegance and function combine to make the design consistent with the rich heritage of the andtradition brand while introducing contradictory playfulness, combining Mediterranean exuberance with Nordic restraint, joy and logic in harmony with nature.
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