Wednesday, May 02, 2012

MILAN: Furniture Fair - Ventura Lambrate: HEYHEYHEY

Ventura Lambrate:  HeyHeyHey – Melvin the Mini Machine. HeyHeyHey.   HeyHeyHey is a design studio with a special interest in whatever comes to their attention. They are not are not limited by any visual style or medium.  They create exclusive communicative ideas for each specific client, project, medium and/or moment.
Above: Melvin the Mini Machine is a travel version of the legendary Marvin the Mixed Media Machine.  This spectacular Rube Goldberg, with Twitter and Facebook account, already charmed 14,000 people at Mu during the Dutch Design Week in 2010 and then registered on film, became an outright internet hit with 800.000 fans.  Melvin the Mini Machine is the original Melvins little brother, consisting of two old trunks jam-packed with various objects.  All these objects work together to reach the same goal: the signing and preparing of a picture postcard for the mail.
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