Monday, May 07, 2012

MILAN: Furniture Fair - Sawaya and Moroni

Sawaya and Moroni.  Sawaya and Moroni’s 2012 collection features the Fei Fei chair by William Sawaya among this year’s new releases. This chair is composed conceptually from a single sheet of material modelled like a modern origami, its form achieving harmony as it is folded in on itself to shape the legs and the structure, its synthesis of volume reminiscent of an embracing organic form. 

 Sawaya and Moroni.  Fei Fei chair designed by William Sawaya. The sculptural movement in the flat surface, of the chair, is cut out of a single sheet and underlines on the one hand the designer’s lucid approach to his composition and, on the other, the care paid to executing the finished object. Made of high density polyurethane, Fei Fei comes either in a single color or in two-tone versions (one inside, one outside) that emphasize the point where the surface is turned upon itself in the formation of the joint between the rear leg and the backrest.

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