Monday, May 07, 2012

MILAN: Furniture Fair - Paola C. - Studio Mumbai and Cibicworkshop

Paola C.: Woodwork Collection by Bijoy Jain and Aldo Cibic. The Woodwork collection designed by Bijoy Jain and Aldo Cibic for Paola C. has the unique quality of being made by skilled craftsmen; using simple tools and created from pieces with a fine and poetic primitivism. The teak chopsticks of the hand-carved trays, the curves of the wood dowels, the combination of woods in different colors and finishes, the sensual polished surfaces and patterns create sculpted surfaces that bear a small exotic touch of magic that in some way reminds us of how boundless is the expressive richness that the hand of man can continually produce.   Wood is the only material used in the collection.  The teak is sculpted, planed and sanded, shaped, carved and engraved, all by hand, and then polished with oil.  The objects are designed as tableware and for the sharing of food. The spontaneity and shared passion of those who fashioned the objects and the pleasure they give those who use them ultimately derive from the great care and love for nature and natural forms that inspired the creations in the first place. Simply looking at, touching and handling the object communicates an instinctive joy such as no industrial product can ever offer.
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