Monday, May 07, 2012

MILAN: Furniture Fair - Moroso - The Way of the Water Dragon installation

Moroso - The Way of the Water Dragon installation. For Moroso’s sixtieth anniversary, a tribute to the Orient with a visionary, magical installation by the Chinese architect Zhang Ke entitled The Way of the Water Dragon.
Above. Hidden Dragon Sofa by Zhang Ke.  “From ancient Chinese tales, the physical form of the dragon is all-elusive and ever- changing. Therefore the way of the water dragon is hidden. What is visible for us would only be the metamorphosis of the movement of the water dragon. Hence the dragon here is not seen as a physical and explicit image but as a conceptualization of the idea of movement….” Zhang Ke.
Moroso - The Way of the Water Dragon installation.  Dots by Zhang Ke. This idea of movement is marked by Zhang Ke’s rhythmic and abstract ink-water calligraphy work, which derives into multiple forms such as the “Dots” stole and the “Hidden Dragon” sofa. The ink-water work is further projected onto foldable screens that redefine the space of the main room, a moment of the movement captured in a sinuous shape in the center of the scene.  What hits the eyes of the spectator is the intriguing interrelationship between the strong dynamism represented by the ink-water traces and the floating form of the furniture piece “Hidden Dragon”.” Khang Ke.
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