Monday, May 07, 2012

MILAN: Furniture Fair - Gaia and Gino - Swarovski Elements

Gaia and Gino and Swarovski Elements. Gaia and Gino, award winning luxury brand famous for its inventive products teamed up once again with Swarovski Elements, premium brand for the finest crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski.  Together they presented a collection of interior accessories which showcased innovative collections designed by architect David Adjaye and industrial designer Defne Koz and Harry Allen.   Gaye Cevikel is a truly fashionable woman, and every time you meet her she has a new look. That is where I had the idea for a vase that can be dressed, and Swarovski Elements is the perfect accessory.” Harry Allen.
Above. Gaia and Gino’s CEO Gaye Cevikel and design impresario George Beylerian.

Gaia and Gino and Swarovski Elements - Gaia Black Swan Vases designed by Harry Allen. Harry Allen’s abiding interest in art, new materials and innovation has resulted in a range of intelligent products across several design disciplines. Working from Manhattan, New York, some of his iconic products are on permanent display in museums, including MoMA.


Gaia and Gino and Swarovski Elements - Cut  vases designed by defne Koz. 

Born in Ankara, Turkey, and based in Chicago, internationally respected Defne Koz combined her Turkish roots with Italian sensibilities in an exquisitely sensual collection of mouth-blown, silvered glass ‘Mineral Flowers’ vases. These voluptuously curved, smoothly tactile vessels feature crystalline ‘flowers’ made from glinting Crystal Rocks by Swarovski Elements that catch and refract the light. 


Gaia and Gino and Swarovski Elements - Star Vessels designed by David Adjaye. Top British architect David Adjaye’s Star collection of three vases plus a centerpiece represented his first-ever product design. Consisting of paired triangles handmade from perfectly smooth copper lined with black crystals that subtly catch the light from within, they carry his unmistakable architectural signature.
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