Sunday, March 04, 2012

Milano: Missoni Winter 2012 Collection

Milano: Missoni Winter 2012 Collection.  Called Like a Heroine in a Concrete Jungle, the Missoni winter 2012 collection is urban, but also pervaded with reference to soil and moss, leaves and barks of trees, rocks and minerals, the woman of the Missoni winter collection conceives fashion as an evocative adventurous fantasy, a dream in the city of immersion in nature, of empathy and mimesis with landscape.
Above: designer Angela Missoni is interviewed backstage by press and TV.

Missoni Winter 2012 Collection.  Overlapping the men’s-cut of double breasted jackets to the sensual lines of dresses and skirts, for a look that is felted and earthy.

Rosita and Tai Missoni with Margherita Maccapani Missoni 

Missoni Winter 2012 Collection.  Three–dimensional construction with geometric patches of metallic “fur” superimposed and melted to fabric or knit, that turn the Missoni woman into a heroine of the concrete jungle.

make up artist Lucia Pieroni

  Missoni Winter 2012 Collection – make-up. The make-up was created by Lucia Pieroni using M.A.C. cosmetics.  The accent is on bold eyebrows. The skin is super natural and gorgeous.  Lucia used lip-gloss on the cheeks and on the top of the eye. The M.A.C. lipstick is called French Nougat.

hair and make-up 

Missoni Winter 2012 Collection – make-up. The eyebrow palate of four colors which Lucia mixes together.
Tip. Lucia says “Use a darker color on your eyebrow and brush it lightly for nice bushy eyebrows.”

Missoni Winter 2012 Collection – hair.  Hair stylist Eugene Souleiman with the plaid shirt and knitted hat created the hairstyle using Wella Professional products. “The hairstyle is square to look at. It’s minimal in a new way, it’s opulent and feminine, it’s serious and pared down and looks different from different angles.  The girls look handsome and intelligent.” He explained.

Mod TV's anchor and camera lady Karen Morrison.

Missoni Winter 2012 Collection.  Protective cache-coeurs on jacket and dresses in knit jacquard emphasize the silhouette.

Rai 5 Cool Tour's art critic Michela Moro wearing a tweed Missoni coat from the 2011 collection.

Missoni Winter 2012 Collection.  The contradictions defining the Missoni woman’s femininity are emphasized also by the color palette, which mixes the dominant urban tones of concrete and asphalt grey, with shades of autumnal wood, ranging from ivory to ochre, from volcanic orange to rust, and from moss green to mineral brown.
The Happy couple, Margherita Maccapani Missoni and her fiance' Eugenio Amos.
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