Saturday, February 25, 2012

Milan: : Maliparmi Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 collection.

Milan: Maliparmi Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 collection. On the grand staircase of Palazzo Visconti cardboard cutout models welcomed press and buyers to the Maliparmi Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 collection. Identity is the title of the collection. Maliparmi narrates its identity through a series of the most representative silhouettes that from season to season have defined the brand’s style.


Maliparmi. Silvia Bisconti, artistic director of Maliparmi explains, “For this new collection we wanted to show the outside world what we see as the core of our identity.  We’ve chosen to do this through the icons that over the years have become true symbols of our style.”  Annalisa Paresi, president of Maliparmi adds, “Our identity is the most precious element of our heritage.  Not losing sight of where we started, the roots of our growth, has allowed us to flourish, to look to the future with vitality and a confidence based on solid foundations.”

Maliparmi – a detail. The silhouette for the collection focuses on the skirt, light yet heavy, real or with a trompe l’oeil effect, it’s a dress that looks like a top and a skirt. 
Note: the layering of fabrics, quilt, wool, silk and tweed.

Maliparmi.   A video pays homage to Marol Parisi, mother of Annalisa, Maliparmi’s president; the founding spirit and inspiration of the company.  With her style, intense creativity, love of travel, interest in other cultures and burning passion she has shaped the roots of Maliparmi.

Maliparmi.  The Neapolitan caters Gemma Forsano and Sandra Calvo of Soup, show their identity on their chef hats, Gemma sports the bay of Naples and Sandra it’s iconic patron Saint Gennaro, as well as, evil eye charms.

Maliparmi. This slow-cooked mini Parmigiano soufflé with sautéed wild mushrooms and parsley was one of the mini delicacies inspired by the Identity of Maliparmi’s heritage – Italy, India and Morocco.

Maliparmi.  Master events designer and stylist Sergio Colantuoni created a fresh display for the Maliparmi collection in Palazzo Visconti. Cutout cardboard models and videos displayed the clothes and accessories.  The central focal point in the frescoed salone was a video of two elevators one going up and one going down.

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