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Venice: Mindful Hands. Masterpieces of Illumination from the Fondazione Giorgio Cini

Venice: Mindful Hands. Masterpieces of Illumination from the Fondazione Giorgio Cini. The large exhibition entitled Mindful Hands. Masterpieces of Illumination from the Fondazione Giorgio Cini are on show at the foundation on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, until January 8. Around 120 works from the collection of 238 Mediaeval and Renaissance miniatures acquired by Vittorio Cini from the Libreria Antiquaria Hoepli in Milan in 1939-1940, as well as, a select group of particularly fine illuminated codices, are also on display. The Cini miniature collection is one of the most important of its kind in the world. It is made up of illuminated leaves and cuttings of initials, mostly from liturgical works (graduals and psalteries), comparable both in type and quality to other works in major museums of the world.

 Miniatore Veneziano cosidetto – Giustino del fu Gherardino da Forli
iniziale ritagliato da stesso Graduale – seconda meta XIV secolo
Maestro dell’Antifonario Q
Antifonario Comune del Tempo – S. Vescovo Conessore
seconda meta XV secolo

Mindful Hands
Masterpieces of Illumination from the Fondazione Giorgio Cini

The exhibition is produced by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in collaboration with Studio Michele De Lucchi and Factum Arte, with the support of the Helen Hamlyn Trust and the contribution of Pirelli. The installation and layout designed by the Studio Michele De Lucchi, above, is inspired by the settings and atmosphere of the Mediaeval illumination tradition, translated into a contemporary key.

 Miniatore Veneziano detto Maestro T. Ve.  
attivo a Venezia 1530-1565

Melchiorre Salomon in preghiera di fronte a Christo – L
Venezia incoronata come Giustizia – R
Venezia 1561
Miniatore Veneziano detto Maestro manierista
attivo Venezia 1555-1574c.
Allegoria di Venezia della Fama e di san Nicolo di Bari
1563 c.

Maestro del Matrirologio dei battuti Neri di Ferrara
Attivo Ferrara XV secolo
Maestro del Plinio di Pico?
Attivo Ferrara XV secolo
Martirologio della confraternita dei Battuti Neri di Ferrara
Crocifissione – 9v C.
Ferrara XV
The room conjures up the atmosphere of the penitential and meditational itineraries of the Mediaeval confraternity of the Battuti Neri of Ferrara and the full significance of one of the books they used, the Martirologio (Martyrology). Here the visitor is surrounded by enormous enlargements, thanks to Adam Lowe’s Factum Arte (experts on digital techniques applied to the conservation, reproduction and interpretation of works of art), of ten of the most emblematic miniatures in the codex. The dramatic atmosphere of the room in semi-darkness is heightened by a powerful sound installation: recordings of pre-polyphonic singing made in the mid-20th century by Father Pellegrino Ernetti, a Benedictine monk in the monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore and also a renowned musicologist.

Giovan Pietro Birago
Attivo a Milano 1471-1513
Officium parvum Beatae Mariae Virginis per Annum
Milano 1493-1495
This room is devoted to the Cini Offiziolo (Book of Hours): the whole of the left wall is occupied by a huge installation lining up enlargements and one-to-one scale reproductions of each of the illuminated pages of the little book, while a video illustrates the scanning techniques and the making of a facsimile of it.

Offiziolo - Book of Hours
A facsimile, of the Offiziolo, which visitors can touch and leaf through was made by Factum Arte who devised a system based on a LED-lit prism with a mirror on one side to obtain high-resolution photographs of each individual page without ever applying any pressure on the very delicate object.

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