Thursday, October 20, 2011

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Maliparmi Spring-Summer 2012 collection. The Maliparmi winning team; Annalisa Paresi is Maliparmi’s president and entrepreneurial soul, Silvia Bisconti is Maliparmi’s artistic director and creative mind, Sergio Colantuoni is the display and set designer and, last but not least, Francesca Ballini Richards of FBR is their communications director.

Maliparmi’s Tessuto della Memoria. The Tessuto della Memoria project was launched two years ago to bring new life to the brand’s vintage heritage by re-using fabrics and prints from past collections.    Brand new for the season are the iPad and laptop cases.   Presented in six mixes of prints, materials and colors, linking the idea of memory to the modernity of technology.

Maliparmi.  The Maliparmi Spring Summer 2012 collection draws inspiration from the theme “Intrecci”, interweaving ideas, materials and shapes.  Interweaving always and everywhere, in virtual prints, bags, footwear with laser cut interweaving, embroidered sandals and the bijoux, an important and ever present collection theme.

Maliparmi.  The “under glass” concept or plasticization, a layer of resin or a thin film of rubber cover prints, so they become an element for the cloth, the embroidery and/or the panels for the bags.  The color palette is mostly made up of summery tones, ranging from the most delicate natural shades to brighter and more vivid ones.
Note: Sergio Colantuoni’s whimsical display with the toy train going round and round and round on the display table. 

Maliparmi – the finger food.  Even the food created especially by Sandra Calvo of Soup, based in Naples was interwoven; in the foreground three omelets of onions, cheese and spinach are interwoven in tiny pretty “teardrop” transparent plates.


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