Friday, June 24, 2011

Venice: Not Only Biennale - TRA The Edge of Becoming - Palazzo Fortuny

Photograph by Manfredi Bellati

Palazzo Fortuny: TRA – The Edge of Becoming.  The title of the exhibition at Palazzo Fortuny is TRA – The Edge of Becoming, until 27th November, 2011. Chosen for its strong and suggestive conciseness, that includes also the word “art” (if read at the inverse). As preposition it signifies “in-between”, “inside”, and as prefix it has also the meaning of an action that goes “beyond”, “ahead of”. As a suffix, TRA is common to many Sanskrit words: mantra, tantra, yantra…
Above: Anish Kapoor's Portrait of Light, Picture of Space

Alex Vervoordt.  TRA – The Edge of Becoming is the latest in Axel Vervoordt’s series of richly complex exhibitions in the Palazzo Fortuny, another wunderkammer of more than three hundred archeological objects, paintings, decorative items, and contemporary commissions.  The exhibition explores the cross-connections between space, history, artistic heritage and universal wisdom through Marian Fortuny’s rich multidisciplinary heritage.  With Axel Vervoordt’s Wabi inspirations and the reflections of the economist Bernard Lietaer, the scientist Eddi de Wolf and architect Tatsuro Miki (Taro), art has the power to take us elsewhere, to complete the initiatory journey towards everyone’s personal and temporary revelation.
Above: Axel Vervoordt next to Alberto Giacometti’s L’Objet Invisible
 photograph by Manfredi Bellati
Maurizio Donizelli - Aleph, 20011
Palazzo Fortuny director Daniela Ferretti and artist Riccardo de Marchi
 Artist Giorgio Vigna and Roman art dealer Stefania Miscetti
a detail of Giorgio Vigna's Sasso  
Denise Levy and May Vervoordt 
Fiona Scarry and Servane Giol 
  Francesco Candeloro - Memorie dei Segni ( Segni dei Luoghi)
Artist Francesco Candeloro  
 Ettore Spalletti - Nostalgia, Rome
 Giulio Paolini - Sulla Soglia 
 Anthony Gormley - Felling Material XII
Mimi Libeert and Boris Vervoordt
Jannis Kounellis - Untitled
Osamu Kokufu - Attic Garden
Pascale and Duccio Trombadori with Ketty Alvera'  
Verdiana Durand de la Penne
photograph by Manfredi Bellati
Silvia Iliadis and Viola Romoli 

 Margherita Alvera', Riccarda Belgioioso and Martina Mazzotta Lanza
 photograph by Manfredi Bellati
Mariano Fortuny’s Atelier. In addition, to commemorate this exceptional exhibition, visitors will are given the unique opportunity to view parts of the original Palazzo which have previously been closed to the public, including the Atelier of Mariano Fortuny on the first floor, three new lateral rooms on the second floor, and seven late gothic windows which have been closed since the 18th century. 


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