Saturday, May 07, 2011

VENICE: Punta della Dogana - In Praise of Doubt exhibition

Photograph by Manfredi Bellati

Venice: Punta della Dogana – In Praise of Doubt exhibition.  The opening of the exhibition In Praise of Doubt at Punta della Dogana, until December 2012 and the opening on June 2 of The World Belongs to You at Palazzo Grassi marks the fifth anniversary of the opening of Palazzo Grassi by Francois Pinault.  In Praise of Doubt, is curated by Caroline Bourgeois, it is a presentation of historical pieces and new works including several site-specific projects that question the idea of uncertainty, our convictions about identity, and revisit the relationship between intimate space and the space of artwork. 
Among the twenty artists in the exhibition almost half of them have never been included in previous exhibitions of the François Pinault Collection.
Above.  The spectacular entrance room houses various minimalist pieces by Donald Judd.

The Host.  Francois Pinault in the catalogue says “When I took my first step as a collector, more than forty years ago, art appeared to me as the best way to seek to overcome one’s own limitations.   Keeping closely in contact with works of art arouses curiosity, raises questions, presents challenges and clears the mind.  In a sense it makes you think more freely.  Naturally the encounter with a work of art is not always obvious….   The purpose of the exhibition is to celebrate doubt in its most dynamic dimension, that which defies established truths, which prompt us to question ourselves, and awaken life itself……”

The press conference. Held in the Sigmar Polke room, Martin Bethenod, director of Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana introduces the curator of In Praise of Doubt and The World Belongs to You (which opens at Palazzo Grassi on June 2) exhibitions, Caroline Bourgeois.

Adel Abdessemed stands beside his “burnt out” carcass of a car called, Practice Zero Tolerance, 2006.

 Adel Abdessemed - Cocktail, 2007

 One of the two site-specific works by Julie Mehretu as seen from the balcony.

Julie Mehretu – Untitled - 2011

Roni Horn – Well and Truly – 2009-2010

Martin Bethenod, director of Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana and the Francois Pinault Foundation.

 Chen Zhen – Un Village Sans Frontieres (Amerique ) – 2000

Jeff Koons and his Wrecking Ball – 2003

Jeff Koons  -  Dogpool (Logs) – 2008

Jeff Koons – Dolphin – 2002

La Biennale’s Cristiana Costanzo

Photograph by Manfredi Bellati

Paul McCarthy – She Man – 2004

Photograph by Manfredi Bellati

A view of the magnificent Sigmar Polke room.

 Subodh Gupta – Spooning – 2009

In her site-specific installation called Notes pour une Construction, 2011 Tatiana Trouve sits on one of her pieces.  In the background, Implosions, 2011.

Tatiana Trouve – installation - Notes pour une Construction – Doppelganger – 2011

Tatiana Trouve – installation - Notes pour une Construction – I Tempi Doppi – 2011



Thomas Houseago and his sculpture Bottle II – 2010 (photograph courtesy Palazzo Grassi Spa)

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