Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Milano: Furniture Fair 2011 - A Casa: Possible Objects and Kitchen Tales -Lunch

FBR – A Casa: Possible Objects and Kitchen Tales.  In the offices of the communications and P.R. agency, FBR, VIP guests; artists, designers, thinkers, collectors and lovers of good food were treated to lunch everyday during the Furniture Fair. The project conceived by Francesca Ballini Richards and Giorgio Colombo was designed around the space of the offices housed in the elegant and stylish 1920’s building.  The apartment office was “re-styled” for the event by Alberto Zordan with intimate furnishings and unconventional objects of design chosen for the simple reason, that we would like them in our own home.
Above. Giorgio Colombo and Francesca Ballini Richards were interviewed for website by Laura Pacelli. 

The table: The main table was set with different types of chairs.

Design:  Subbuteo table football type ceramic fluorescent figures in limited editions of 99 pieces by Utopia Design sit on the entrance table.

Design: Lamp “chairs” by Andrea Magnani for Utopia Design.

Design: Graphic designer Lorenzi de Grassi sits on his Zerbino Asino carpet.

Food:  With drinks before lunch a warm focaccia, home made with origano and citrus honey was served.

Food: Brown bread was dipped into delicious extra virgin olive oil from the Azienda Agricola Castello di Vaccarile.

Guests:  Susanna Magistretti

Guests: J.J. Martin and Emma Moore

Guests: Gemma Richards and Francesco Pizzo

Guests: Valerio Rocco Orlando

Guests: Marco Arosio and Francesca Taroni

Guests: Cristina Gabetti talks about her book for

At the table. Guests were asked to write down what they talked about, Gregorio Carboni-Maestri expressed himself with a drawing.

The table: A view of the room, beyond the long table other guests sat at a low coffee table on sofas and armchairs. 
Note: the table is covered with old fashioned butcher’s paper.


The food:  The  casarecce shape pasta (Gerardo di Nola maccheroni napoletani srl) was made with artichokes, almonds and mint and was served in a pan designed by Marco Della Torre for TVS Spa.

The food: The peperonata and bread salad was cooked with honey and thyme.   The plates are designed by Utopia Design.

The food: The remains of the almond paste based orange marmalade and thyme crostata had pretty edible flowers on top.

Guests: Cesare Granetto was writing, “what we talked about” on the butcher’s paper tablecloth.

The cook:  Titta of Titta Cucina Itinerante cooked the food all week long and would bring the dessert out herself to great applause of appreciation from the guests.


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