Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Milano: Furniture Fair 2011 - Designers and their products # 1

Dilmos.  At Dilmos, Ron Gilad stands in front of one of his IX Mirrors, a special limited edition made especially for the gallery.

Moroso.  At Moroso, designer Tokujin Yoshioka sits his Moon chair in the haze of his Twilight installation which spreads infinite rays of light in the white space, creating a setting in which one has the impression of light passing through clouds and beams of twilight pouring to the ground.

Moroso.  Producer, Patrizia Moroso stands out in red in the haze of the Twilight installation.

 Grohe.  At Grohe in the Tortona district designer Paul Flowers stands next to his award-winning rainshower from The Natural Colours Collection for Grohe.

Mooi.   At Mooi, Rooms designers Keti Toloraia and Nata Janberidze sit in front of their Position Floor Lamp made in wood for Mooi.

Poltrona Frau.  In the Milan Design Village in the Tortona district, Jean-Marie Massaud sits on his Archibald pale blue leather armchair for Poltrona Frau.

Cappellini.   Giulio Cappellini sits on the shelve of his Burkina Faso a modular storage system, which was inspired by the shapes and vibrant colors of the rural villages in Africa, the micro system is comprised of independent and flexible modules.

Prometeogallery.   In the Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, in the Lambrate district, Kevin van Braak stands in front of Hilter’s desk.   Van Braak for the exhibition History is Made of Different Shades of Grey, reconstructed four office desks of controversial former world leaders, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Nixon.  

Prometeogallery.    Van Braak also designed a big lead globe and although it is immediately recognizable as a globe there are no countries on it.   It evokes a story about Hitler having a small globe on his desk on which all the countries in the world were shown in one grey shade and over them was written Deutschland.

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