Monday, June 28, 2010

VENICE: Harry's Dolci - Club Sandwich

Venice: Harry’s Dolci.  In the summer time it’s such a treat to go to Harry’s Dolci for lunch or dinner on the Fondamenta San Biaggio on the Island of Giudecca.   It’s fun to be deliciously spoiled by the waiters as you watch the yachts, boats and barges pass by on the Giudecca Canal. Open during the hottest months of the year this offspring of the renowned Harry’s Bar is secluded from the crowds of tourists in town.  The palest green Frette tablecloths convey a sign of tranquility and their starchiness a sense of luxury. Over the water the Church of the Gesuati or Church of Santa Maria del Rosario as it is also known, shares centre stage on the wide waterfront promenade of the Zattere.
PS. Inside the seventeenth century church, beside the third altar you can view Tintoretto's Crocifissione, and in the first altar Tiepolo's Tre Sante. The ceiling is divided into three parts and decorated with paintings by Tiepolo.  
Note: The church is open daily from 8-12 am and from 5-7pm.

Cipriani Club Sandwich.   Like a volcano busting with an overflow of mayonnaise the Cipriani Club Sandwich, a Harry’s Bar classic, was served by Giuseppe Cipiani, founder of the Harry’s Bar in Venice for the first time in 1948.  The ”lava” of overpowering mayonnaise was too much for the delicate leaves and ingredients to be distinguishable also, the toasted white bread didn’t give you the satisfaction of crunching your way through a regular Club sandwich and overall it left me with a weight on my tummy all afternoon.  However, the French-fries were above average.
Rating: 5/10 for the Cipriani Club Sandwich and 8/10 the French-fries.


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