Tuesday, May 04, 2010

MILAN: Salone del Mobile 2010 - Patricia Urquiola

The architects and designers.  Alberto Zontone and Patricia Urquiola.

For B & B Italia: Bend Sofa – a detail. Patricia Urquiola has designed a surprising series of seats that transforms the tradition concept of the sofa. She has entitled this product Bend Sofa, for B & B Italia, due to its curvaceous albeit monolithic form. It gives the appearance of being manually molded from a supple material as if by a sculptor.   Bend Sofa effectively conveys the idea of motion by alternating full and empty spaces. Contrasting seams add to the intrinsic design on the surface. The backrest is irregularly shaped, but without compromising comfort.

 Photograph courtesy Moroso
For Moroso: the Silver lake range of seating. The Silver Lake range of seating designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso is a creation that offers an architectural memory inspired by the Californian modernism of the ‘50s.  The range displayis a continuous geometric interplay of solids and voids, with volumes creating many-sided polyhedral forms.  It retains from the ‘50s a scrupulous choice of materials, whose physical and chromatic qualities are enhanced by a meticulous, deliberate combination of contrasting surfaces.

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