Wednesday, May 05, 2010

MILAN: Salone del Mobile 2010 - Andrea Branzi

Architect and Designer.   Andrea Branzi.

Andrea Branzi for Sevres – Louis XXI Porcelaine Humaine.  Andrea Branzi was invited to create a collection of cups, chalices and bowls in a rare finesse Sevres porcelain. “Similar to lilies, the Louis XXI collection of flutes has the same velvety flesh color of the Ladies of the Court.   They are delicate and precious like Madame de Pompadour’s ears.   Louis XXI is a king who survived the French Revolution thanks to a disguise.  Today, he brings us from the past the erotic material of these human porcelains, the fruit of genetics and design.  These flutes in the form of an erotic orifice, offer a new pleasure that only Sevres could produce.   To our senses, porcelain has always remained a mystery, and the proof that all of technology takes its roots in poetry and literature, and that beauty of a new type can be born from the fire.” Branzi wrote. 

Andrea Branzi for Casa Argentaurum. A chair designed by Andrea Branzi for  the Belgium, Casa Argentaurum Editions, 2010.
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