Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LIVE FROM NEW YORK - Swarovski Elements at Work

New York – May 17th – Swarovski Elements at Work.  Designer, Francois Azambourg and Gaia and Gino’s founder, Gaye Cevikel at the Swarovski Elements at Work party in their SoHo store.  The Gaia and Gino company was named after the founder’s nickname and her dog Gino, it distinguished itself with quirky, inventive and storytelling products that have earned it a reputation as one of the international scene’s most promising young brands. Gaia and Gino’s involvement with Swarovski Elements at Work spans the talent of three designers: the Tokyo based firm Nendo, London based Sebastian Bergne and Paris based Francois Azambourg “I really wanted to collaborate with Francois as he is a fantastic engineer and problem solver, but then he adds great poetry to his designs,” Gaye says of Azambourg.

A detail. A detail of Francois Azambourg’s Fake Wood Collection for Gaia and Gino.  Choosing a design product most often made in wood, a desk box and a tray in two sizes, he has used the crystals to stimulate the pattern of wood grain.

Eye Collection/Gaia and Gino.
   London based designer, Sebastian Bergne is beside his Eye Collection of vases for Gaia and Gino. Inspired by a visit to Istanbul, he turned to ceramics for this project. The works incorporate the Nazar charm that traditionally protects the owner from the evil eye or bad luck.   He used a new Swarovski Elements product called Crystal Rocks for the pupil of the eye. “ I feel like we are making charms as much as vases and bowls.  To me, their function is as something symbolic, something to look at, as much as something to put flowers in.” Sebastian explained.

Seen at the Swarovski Elements at Work Party. Creative director, Jerry Helling.

Seen at the Swarovski Elements at Work Party. The New York Times,  T magazine design editor, Pilar Vilades.

Seen at the Swarovski Elements at Work Party. Designer, Constantin Boym who is moving from New York to Qatar to form a design academy.
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