Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Milano: Aspesi's Tribute to Franco Moschino

Aspesi’s tribute to Franco Moschino.  During fashion week the windows of the boutiques on the Via Montenapoleone made special displays for the international fashion brigade.  The Aspesi window paid tribute to the late Franco Moschino whose 60th birthday would have fallen on February 27th. 

Aspesi window. A detail of the miniature “fashion house”.  Moschino is remembered for his witty, colorful, lively and provocative designs, which not only challenged, but also poked fun at, the fashion establishment.

Aspesi window.  A detail of the miniature “fashion house”.  A close up of one of the rooms… The sign roughly translates "Attention: advertising can cause serious damage to your brain and to your wallet!” The cow and the Italian red white and green ribbon are recurring themes in many of the Moschino collections.
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