Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Paris: interior decoration - Masion Darre

Paris: Interior decoration – Maison Darre.  Interior Designer and eccentric, Vincent Darre is photographed with his mother, Claude in his eclectic gallery, Maison Darre on the fabulously trendy rue Mont-Thabor. The Masion Darre is conceived as a secret apartment where the curious visitor discovers a design enamored by new and surreal personal references.

Tea for four.    A refined special mix of Bengali tea is served on a wafer thin Napoleon III porcelain tea set.  In the background the hand-painted Buffet Chest, which comes in a limited edition of twenty-five pieces, depicts animal skeletons. Skeletons are a recurring theme in Vincent’s pieces.

A detail.  The amusing petit-point, Diabolique cushion, comes in a limited edition of fifty pieces.
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