Wednesday, February 03, 2010



The Promemoria Cocktail party.   Promemoria’s CEO and designer, Romeo Sozzi peaks out from the gigantic out of scale, “over the top” George cupboard, which is covered in, wait for it .... red velvet and is one of three new creations from the world of fantasy which enters the stage in the world of the Italian luxury furnishing company.

Seen at the Promemoria cocktail party. Editor in chief of Soon magazine, Olivier De Larue Dargere and Pierre Leonforte, director of the Louis Vuitton City Guides.

A detail.  A detail of Olivier De Larue Dargere’s rings.  A big cabochon emerald with diamonds is mounted on white gold and the silver ring is from Martin Margiela’s 2008 collection.


Seen at the Promemoria cocktail party.  Sitting on the Bassano games table is a copy of the beautifully illustrated glossy magazine Soon. The Bassano games table is inlaid with ebony, maple and mahogany.  The tabletop flips over to reveal a backgammon board and all around there are hidden compartments. Like all the Promemoria luxury furnishings it is made in the finest cabinet-making tradition, which spans four generations of the Sozzi family.

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