Friday, October 02, 2009

VENICE FILM FESTIVAL: Il Piccolo, the movie.

LIDO: Venice Film Festival. Il Piccolo, the movie. The director of the movie, Il Piccolo (The Little “Theatre”), Maurizio Zaccaro.  “What can we do as theatre people? To the mortification of not being able to oppose any kind of futile gesture in such moments, faced with such painful impotence in the theatre, or in art in general faced with such violence and madness, the artist can only force himself to continue doing his work as best he can.” Those thoughts, written by Giorgio Strehler on the occasion of the slaughter of Piazza Fontana.  They are the main idea behind the film on the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, whose story is integrated with the events of the city itself. Everything began with the renovation of the theatre in Via Rovello. A multi-ethnical building site. A Tarkovsky-style setting. In the old auditorium ghosts were flying. And what if it were a Gothic tale?

Venice Film Festival. Il Piccolo, the movie.  Extraordinary guest of honor,  gracious actress, Valentina Cortese, who also has a cameo role in the movie, received a standing ovation.

Venice Film Festival. Il Piccolo, the movie.  Actor and director,  Toni Servillo was also present at the screening.

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