Saturday, September 26, 2009

VENICE - ART: Magdalena Kunz and Daniel Glaser Exhibition

ART: - the Lido di Venezia: Magdalena Kunz and Daniel Glaser Exhibition.  Bright red and yellow dots lead the way to The Pool NYC   latest exhibition in a big large white cube placed outside the Excelsior Hotel during the Venice Film Festival and open until October 4th. The Pool NYC was founded in 2009 to promote avant-garde artists through a network of international exhibitions. Without an official gallery space, yet based in New York City, The Pool NYC is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The necessity to be in one place and then quickly in another is a dominating influence in this century, and The Pool NYC embraces that peripatetic nature.

 A detail. Dummies of the artists themselves, Magdalena Kunz and Daniel Glaser, sit in a vintage car outside The Excelsior Hotel in front of their installation.  Appropriately the artist couple from Switzerland were exhibiting their cinematographic sculptures, which have always caused a great sensation, during the Venice Film Festival.

A detail. A detail of the Magdalena Kunz and Daniel Glaser installation, inside the white cube placed outside The Excelsior Hotel. The artists’ call their figures Talking Heads, a mixture of film and sculpture which the public often mistakes for real people.  The Lido installation called, Voices III was created during an artist-in-residence stay of the artist duo in South Africa in 2008: six poets, wrapped in wool blankets, talk about life in the townships, formulating questions about the social and political situation in South Africa.

The Pool NYC.  Two of the four founding members of the Italian and American team of The Pool NYC, Viola Romoli and Luigi Franchin. Viola Romoli is a Florentine/Spanish world traveler, with a degree in History of Contemporary Art, she has worked at the Paula Cooper Gallery, the Guggenheim Museum (New York, Bilbao and Venice) and recently was   awarded the Hilla Rebay Fellowship. Whilst, 

Luigi Franchin, a Venetian with black belt in judo a degree in Economics and a life-long passion for contemporary art, learnt his trade collaborating with Gian Enzo Sperone of Sperone Westwater.

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