Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Seen at Skitsch. Renato Preti is the founder and CEO of the new furniture and accessories company Skitsch. Photographed at the opening of its flagship store on Via Monte di Pieta, Preti said “Everyone – in his own way – is a designer in everyday life. And we realize more and more that being surrounded by beautiful, well-designed things helps us to live better and be more positive.
This is the concept behind Skitsch. We have asked 28 Italian and international well-known and emerging designers to create products that combine maximum quality and functionality with a clear reason why as well as a strong dose of creativity, under a totally Italian aesthetic, artistic and productive guidance.
With the same criteria, we also selected the best existing design products available on the market today to be able to offer a complete and versatile assortment that would stimulate ideas and curiosity and let people create their own space according to their own personal style and taste. Yet all of these products had to share the same level of research, quality, and design found in all high-end products. Last but not least, we have done everything possible to reduce impact on the environment by choosing the most eco-friendly techniques and materials and by working closely with Lifegate to reach ‘zero impact’ on the environment very soon.
We are convinced that the development of Skitsch will make for more and more people easier and more pleasant to surround themselves with beautiful and exciting products of outstanding design.”

Seen at Skitsch – Jeffrey Bernett – Love Seat. New York designer, Jeffrey Bernett kindly sits on his Love Seat designed for Skitsch.

Seen at Skitsch. Cristina Morozzi, art director for Skitsch is being interviewed. “After many years spent pursuing good design, searching and documenting the work of new talents, collecting information on brand new ideas, some sort of elation is felt when you are offered the opportunity to turn part of this legacy into real. I just thought the project of Skitsch, conceived by Renato Preti, was ideal to gather original and stimulating projects by a variety of personalities. The collection formula, based on design quality rather than on the identity of a style, allows to give voice to great stand-alone personalities, to implement projects characterized by a strong independent identity, to develop ideas that are still in embryo. It allows to combine together established and emerging names that believe in projects with a “reason why”. I favoured pieces that have a feeling, those that are born from an original idea, that perform a function, that are built through a process. I encouraged the designers to freely express their poetics, to work above the lines. With Renato, I share very special aesthetic emotions, and this allowed me to use my instinct.”

Photograph courtesy skitsch

Seen at Skitsch – Pagani & Perversi – Saily. Like a paper boat, Saily is a light designed by Pagani and Perversi for Skitsch.

Photograph courtesy Skitsch

Seen at Skitsch – Palomba Serafini – Cuir. A leather armchair designed by Palomba Serafini called Cuir.

Seen at Skitsch – Diego Grandi – Oppaicei Papaver Table.
Oppaicei Papaver low ceramic table designed by Diego Grandi for Skitsch.
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