Monday, May 04, 2009


Seen at Sawaya & Moroni.
Daniel Libeskind and Paolo Moroni. Daniel Libeskind has designed for Sawaya & Moroni the Libeskind Tea and Coffee Set in sterling silver, a piazza around which the pieces in a tea service stand, like so many off-center works of architecture. This miniature city skyline reveals the unmistakable hand of the creator of Berlin’s inimitable Jewish Museum.

photograph courtesy Sawaya & Moroni
Sawaya & Moroni – Olafur Eliasson – Starbrick. This light was desgined by the artist, Olafur Eliasson and is called Starbrick. The basic structure of the Starbrick is a cube on whose six surfaces additional cubes have been placed at a 45° angle. These additional cubes serve as connectors so that several Starbricks can be conjoined. The Starbricks can be assembled into groups of any size and combination, developing in different directions.

Seen at Sawaya & Moroni. Mario Bellini, who is working on the Islamic wing of the Louvre, has reproduced the fluidity of that project’s pavilion roof, which looks like a fabric set gently atop of the structure, in two silver trays that go by the name of Mar Rosso and Mar Bianco (as seen here above).

Sawaya & Moroni – Mario Bellini – Mar Rosso. One of two silver trays designed by Mario Bellini for Sawaya & Moroni called Mar Rosso. The effect that looks like fabric is generated by a block of transparent or colored methacrylate that seems to drown in the folds of the silver. like a precious stone held in a wary metal setting, the colored Plexiglas reverberates its lights off the silver, creating a whirlwind of reflections.

Seen at Sawaya & Moroni. William Sawaya sitting on his table Linea.

Photograph courtesy Sawaya & Moroni

Sawaya & Moroni – William Sawaya – Punto, Linea and Doppia Linea tables. William Sawaya designed this series of tables for Sawaya & Moroni, made of resin and lacquered in iridescent colors, called Punto, Linea and Doppia Linea: a pattern based on locking irregular shapes together, as you would in a puzzle, to compose an unprecedented landscape of softy-profiled forms, resting on substantial, sharply cut, sculptural legs.
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