Monday, October 06, 2008

Milano: Spring Summer RTW 2009

Maliparmi. Maliparmi presented its Spring/Summer 2009 Collection in the baroque halls of Palazzo Visconti. The collection is dedicated to Breath or Respiro in Italian and draws inspiration from it to interpret shapes created and moved by air with light materials and a desire to free the mind. The president, Annalisa Paresi sits with Maliparmi’s ambassador, the beautiful actress, Ana Cateriana Morariu.

Maliparmi – detail.
Annalisa's bangles where found mostly at flea markets in London.

Maliparmi – the set designer. The set designer, Sergio Colantuoni is the most talented stylist in Milan.

Maliparmi – the set. The entrance and the first two rooms of Palazzo Visconti where filled with darkness and silence. Seemingly inanimate, these rooms contained four mobiles - trunks of wood with six arms; from these hanged the outfits from the Maliparmi Spring Summer 2009 Collection with objects of memory as counterweights. The entire setting was made from natural materials, wood and canvas, a striking contrast to the palace’s pomp and splendor.

Maliparmi – detail.
As part of the refreshments, guests were offered these little bundles. Can you guess what’s inside?

Maliparmi – detail. Inside the bundle, fresh luscious figs.

Maliparmi. Maliparmi’s P.R., Francesca Ballini Richards plays “hide and seek” with Maliparmi’s ambassador, the actress, Ana Caterina Morariu.

Maliparmi - detail. Jewelry designer, Francesca Villa, created Francesca’s necklace. Villa makes one of a kind bijoux with original found objects.
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