Sunday, August 24, 2008

Paris in August - Poilane

Poilane – pain decore. Every month, Poilane creates a theme loaf, which can also be made to order. This seashell inspired loaf-representing August and vacation time is particularly attractive. The Poilane boulangerie is the most famous in Paris. On the site of a seventeenth centenary monastery, in a vaulted cellar, below the store in the Latin Quarter of Saint Germain des Pres, six bakers work 24 hours non-stop. Since 1932, together with the other Parisian store and oven they produces 15,000 loaves of bread a day, which are shipped all over the world. Sometimes people wonder how come the bakery can make so much bread and still remain an artisan bakery. The answer is easy: the same care is taken with each single loaf that comes out of the wood-fired brick ovens. And, each loaf is handmade using the simplest tools and carefully selected ingredients.

Poilane – pain classic. These are the classic Poilane loaves with the P logo branded on the front. The tanginess of Poilane bread is the result of natural fermentation with yeast. Like salt and pepper, it enhances the flavor of the foods it accompanies, like smoked salmon or foie gras and the natural acidity of the sourdough bread stimulates your taste buds, adding another dimension to what you taste and enabling you to better appreciate what you eat.
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