Monday, June 09, 2008

Marrakech: interesting people, designers, craftsmens and more...

Chez Mohamed or Chez Shoua. A message for world peace, discreetly prevail above the meats waiting to be cooked.

Chez Mohamed or Chez Shoua. Mohamed cooks behind a tin screen with a hole in the middle, it has blue and white clouds painted on it. Finally he is cooking our meat. We had to wait “hours” while Japanese TV was filming him. Chez Shoua, which means barbecue in Arabic is the hot spot to eat in Marrakech. That is if you can find it, it’s in the Souk des Feronniers.

Chez Mohamed or Chez Shoua. The kitchen.

Chez Mohamed or Chez Shoua. We ate on little stools delicious barbecued meats, omelets and pitta bread served on a tray in the souk, in front of an antique shop. This was the best meal of our whole trip!
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