Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Marrakech: interesting people, designers, craftsmens and more...

Chez Zoe. A former dancer, French born, Caroline runs the Chez Zoe showroom in Marrakech. Chez Zoe makes the most beautiful hand-embroidered household linens and cottons. The original and magnificent designs are executed on site by a dieing breed of ladies, who still embroider by hand.
Chez Zoe: 510, zi de Sidi Ghanem – tel 00 212 44 33 61 44

Chez Zoe. The Industrial zone of Marrakech is full of design showrooms. The interesting thing is that most or part of the craftsmanship is done on site, usually in a backroom. Here you get a feel of the activity Chez Zoe. A beautiful hand-embroidered sheet is waiting to be ironed before consignment.

Chez Zoe. This toweling robe is a take on the classic djellabah, hangs waiting to be packed; it will be going to a hotel in France. On the left hand side you can just glimpse one of the women embroidering on site.
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