Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Food: Pane e Acqua – restaurant. Rossana Orlandi sits with her chef Francesco Passalacqua at a table in her restaurant, Pane e Acqua, which is adjacent to her concept store. “I wanted to recreate a relaxing atmosphere, a gathering spot like I have in the Spazio, next door.” She explained. Whilst the handsome chef uses only “Meat from Piedmont, fish from the Mediterranean cooked with minimal “processing” to exalt the tastes.”

Food – Pane e Acqua. Rossana Orlandi’s Pane e Acqua restaurant, next to her concept store, was designed by architect, Paola Navone. Very cleverly, Navone has mixed styles and periods, mix matching contemporary and vintage furniture, giving the space a cozy atmosphere. I loved the details; the menus are hidden inside best sellers. The central heating downstairs is a coil of stainless steel hose and hangs on a hook. The floors are a patchwork of old cement tiles, the hand basin resembles a flan case and the multicolored coffee cups sit in full view on top of the espresso machine.

Food – detail. The candle-holders at Pane e Acqua were especially designed, using forks, by young Dutch designer Sander Lucas.
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