Saturday, March 08, 2008


Fashion, food and flowers. – Caterina Zangrando. Treviso based, jet-setter, jewelry designer, Caterina Zangrando, showed her latest collection at the Four Seasons Hotel. Better known for her playful Disney characters and toy inspired pieces, Caterina’s new hand embroidered collection is all about flowers “With my new gypsy folk flower bibs, I want to prolong summer into winter.” She explained. The showroom was “dressed” with garden furniture and fresh flowers, which gave out a heavenly scent. Collectors of Caterina’s bijoux are Kate Moss, Lizzy Jagger, Monica Bellucci and Scarlet Johanson.

Food – the refreshments. True to her Veneto heritage and her playful spirit, Caterina offers her clients Arrigo Cipriani's Bellini in pink cups, her favorite color, as well as, fantasy home-make cupcakes topped with swirls of colored meringue.
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