Monday, January 23, 2006

Let's start this 2006 blog edition of Contessanally with this heavenly "firework display" of unusual sculpture-jewelry from Gualti's tiny boutique/atelier just off the trendy Campo Santa Margherita. "My creations are unique, with fluid movements like an organic poem. The reflections and the vibrations of the resins mixed with a central piece of glass give light and a taste of eternity, where time vanishes....." Gualti explains. These bijoux evoke intense emotions and a brooch or an Elizabethan inspired ruffled collar/necklace will dress up any little black dress or jacket. They are extremely chic as the grand dames who wear them, like Dodi Rosekrans, who is famous for her masked balls in Palazzo Brandolini. In fact it is by "word of mouth" in a palazzo or a salotto that one discovers these divine surreal pieces. I suggest that if you are not bold or confident enough to wear one of these pieces, that you go and also look at the cloth wrap-around-wraps mounted on steel wires that recall the waves of the lagoon or the felt "octopus" inspired "scarves". For sure, Peggy Guggenheim would have taken Gualti under her wing, bought out the whole collection and dedicated a show to this talented artist.
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