Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Milano: Women's Fall Winter 2010/2011 Collections

Photograph courtesy Maliparmi

Maliparmi.     Palazzo Visconti was transformed for the Maliparmi event by the talented events designer and stylist, Sergio Colantuoni into a tent made up of impressions and colours. You enter a forest of handbags, shoes and clothes that you can examine and touch. Creativity, craftsmanship, beauty of the hand-made and more: prints and precious decorations. Islands surmounted by tailor’s busts narrate and show the Collection in all its details.

A detail.  A detail of the cool embroidered leather and suede comfy sneakers.

Photograph courtesy Maliparmi
Seven LBD.  The last two rooms of Palazzo Visconti are set with the presentation of two special projects: the Tessuto della Memoria, at its second season and 7 Black Dresses, an absolute novelty of this Milanese event. Little black dress, petite robe noire, or vestito nero: however you like to call it, the little black dress is here to stay. Malìparmi has come up with seven different dresses for 7 different personalities of woman, for 100 different occasions and for all 4 seasons of the year. “With our 7 Black Dresses we are paying tribute to the most timeless item in a woman’s wardrobe and to its unquestionable elegance.  Coming to us from the daring intuition of Coco Chanel, what we are left with today is something no less desirable. Its basic simplicity is what makes it so perfect, because it lets you print your own style onto it.” Maliparmi’s president, Annalisa Paresi explains.
Seen at Maliparmi.   Fashion editor, Pucci Gabrielli, P.R. Francesca Ballini Richards, event designer, Sergio Colantuoni, German Vogue consultant, Anna Riva, Maliparmi’s president, Annalisa Paresi and designer, Emmy Vincenzini.

The Caterer.  Neapolitan caterer, Alessandra Calvo gets into the spirit of things as she makes a mayonnaise wearing a pink wig, the color being the theme color of the event.

A detail of the food.   Unusual square shaped hard-boiled eggs with mayonnaise were among the inventive goodies served by the Neapolitan caterer.

The film clips: Guests are welcomed by comfortable "pit-stalls" where they can sit and watch film clips; fragments of repertoire underlined by the music of Antony and the Johnson: the catwalks in the Sala Bianca at Palazzo Pitti, Coco Chanel and the revolutionary allure of her women, film icons, pieces of the 50’s. It is a small domestic cinema, intimate and serene, where you can relive the past. Come to know the origin of a species to live the future in a better way.
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