Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Milano: Fashion 2010/2011 - Selene Giorgi

Selene Giorgi. Born as an artist, who chose clothes as a support for her art, Selene Giorgi makes sculpture and transforms yarn and textiles into wearable items. Each item is different from another. Her work is driven by pure instinct. . Graduated at the Accademia of Brera in Milan, she grew up studying textile. Without being inspired by none in particular, although some people recognize an influence of Japanese fashion designers. She always juxtaposes Art and fashion. Selene Giorgi refuses the label to be a stylist and decided to start the foundation for her own atelier in the charming Vicolo Lavandai on the Naviglio canal, a tailor-shop project, without the prescription of the seasons. Her collection is a work in progress and the destiny of each item is to give a feeling of being comfortable and safe.

The Atelier. In the research of pure textile and raw material, Selene Giorgi devotes herself to studying the potential of felt, which she manufactures in a dynamic way, as a "space extension" of the body. Out of the traditional two-dimensional material, the felt, turns itself into a three-dimensional sculpture of prĂȘt-a-porter.
 Photograph courtesy Selene Giorgi
The  volumes # 1.   The innovative form of skirts and trousers are created throughout attentive and wise experiments, which plait passion into other disciplines like cinema, music, poetry and literature. 
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Photograph courtesy Selene Giorgi
The  volumes # 2. Continuous mote and wide volumes are the first suggestions of a manual and instinctive process. The stance goes beyond the aesthetic side, searching a wider meaning, connected to sensual perception.

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